The Road Has No End

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Available as a high-quality digital download after January, 30,2013


Track Listing:
Cool Cool Ride
Bullet Train
Hobos In the Roundhouse
Rain Was Turning Into Snow
Foggy River
Heavenly Table
Easy To Get Lost
If the World Were Filled With You
Doing My Time
Bread and Milk
Last Letter Home
Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress


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The Road Has No End is Monroe Crossing's lucky thirteenth recording. It features nine band originals and some very cool covers. Inspired by our travels, the songs on "The Road Has No End" read like a journal but not necessarily ours. I can assure you that none of us have been "Doing My Time" or "working for the F.B.I."

This recording does, however, capture the fun we've been having traveling with the current lineup of the band. Derek and David have brought new energy and excitement to Monroe Crossing and Lisa has been on a song writting spree. With the new sound comes some new instruments, this is our first record to include resophonic guitar and harmonica played by David.

We've included the lyrics for the original songs below. "Cicada" is a Lisa penned instrumental based on the rhythms of the summer bugs so there are no lyrics there. "Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress" is our Bluegrass version of the well loved Hollies song, a first to the best of our knowledge. "Foggy River," "Last Letter Home" and "Doing My Time" are favorites of ours in the world of Bluegrass and help show our roots. That leaves us with "Hobos in the Roundhouse," a song by our friend, Bill Isles from up near Duluth. He wrote the song in honor of his grandfather who had "Hobos sleeping in the roundhouse tonight." Everytime Bill and Kate sing it, we tear up.

Derek Johnson: guitar, vocals
Lisa Fuglie: fiddle, guitar, vocals
Matt Thompson: mandolin, vocals
David Robinson: banjo, resophonic guitar, harmonica, vocals
Mark Anderson: bass, snare, vocals

Cool Cool Ride
by Lisa Fuglie
Skirts flash and the neon signs are rolling
Cigarette burns an ash red through his heavy stare
His old heart, Hanging on the corner of his second hand sleeve
As she breathes beautiful air
He'd like it if his mind could just travel
He'd like it if she knew what he is when he's not thinking words
I am like you, he says
Could you stand a little bit of me?

Oooo it would be a cool cool ride
We could speed on by or take our time
Any way it is, it would be a cool cool ride
Cool cool ride

I don't want to walk on your water
He says, I don't want to be the only earth that follows your sun
It's too fine, and I'm not one
To circle in obsessions

She smiled and said I think we could hang out for a while
I'll put a candle on your table
that flickers a wash of light on your face
You know, I like to see you smile

by Derek Johnson
There's a bright light running through my memory
Sad days divided, hearts that grew cold
And it's hard times when your mind can't stop thinking
About what might have been
But the road has no end
The story is yet to be told

I'm on the road back to Chattanooga
Tennessee River running glorious and true
I'm on the road back to Chattanooga
Chattanooga my friend Lord I'm coming back to you

Cindy she was as pretty as a daisy
But I left her there crying under a setting sun
Today it is my most painful memory
I didn't know what I knew
Had so much then to prove
Our lives had only begun

So I'm leaving the land of the prairie
Headed to the mountains of southern Tennessee
It's high time I finally meet my destiny
But the road has no end
I've been there and back again
The journey is what sets you free

Bullet Train
by Lisa Fuglie and Mark Anderson
I wanna ride that bullet train Vegas to L.A.
A forty-five minute glide without touching the rails
Got to get to the station, waInt to get on board
The bullet train

Three hundred miles an hour while flying just a foot off the ground
A sun-fueled fury pulling us out of the clouds
Mag-Lev, rocket sled, ahead we sped
On the bullet train

Oooo the bullet train
oooo, let's ride the bullet train

Son of the Zephyr that taught the world what speed means
Come home to roost, gettin' down in American genes
It's the pride of a nation, pulling in the station
The bullet train

Oooo the bullet train
Ride that train, boys!
Oooo the bullet train
Come on now!

Rain is Turning Into Snow
by Matt Thompson and Bill Philipp
We loved each other in the springtime
And the summer days were warm and bright
The autumn winds brought a change, dear
I knew that something wasn't right

Your love's grown colder than the winter
Darling, this is how I know
When you said you didn't love me
The rain was turning into snow

I can't believe you never loved me
Your tender kisses wouldn't lie
But now we've said goodbye and parted
I'll never know the reason why

Someday, sweetheart, I will forget you
And learn to love again somehow
But as the years roll by I realize,
Your memory lingers even now

Heavenly Table
by Lisa Fuglie
Don't listen to them who'll tell you I'm crazy
On account I walk ten miles for
biscuits and gravy, biscuits and gravy

Give my greetings to your good brother
When I come he says he'll give me
Corn bread and butter

Farmers' market, plump red potatoes
Pick em pack em by the pound with
greens and tomatoes

Sweetest little baby that I've ever seen
was playing with her papa eating
pecans and praline

Go and get your gear and go and get with Auntie Orpha
You'll even pass a pie to eat her
hominy and okra

Going back to Mountain View, bringing all my money
Spend it by the river eating
catfish and coleslaw and hush puppies

Left my family, house and dog forsaken
All in all I traded up for
red beans and bacon

When I die bury me as happy as you're able
Cause I know I'm welcome at that
heavenly table

Easy To Get Lost
by Derek Johnson
Been sailing 'round this sea of life to ever where the wind's been blowing
It's like a dull edge of a knife always right but never knowing
It's a mixed up world you know it's true
Spinning 'round and 'round feels like there's nothing you can do
It's easy to get lost when you don't know where you're going

It's a hard luck game that you play when your cards are always showing
They got their aces facing up and you know you should be folding
Life is a gamble you know it's true
Spinning 'round and 'round feels like there's nothing you can do
It's easy to get lost when you don't know where you're going

There's a darkness rolling in started small but now it's growing
It's a crazy mess to be in was a drip now it's flowing
It's a mixed up world you know it's true
Spinning 'round and 'round feels like there's nothing you can do
It's easy to get lost when you don't know where you're going

If the World were Filled with You
by Lisa Fuglie
Your little house in the country
cherished mementos within
tell the story of your family
some are chosen some are kin
And it's the center of communion
friends and wanderers abound
we all know we'll find a welcome
laughter and music will be found

I wish the world were filled with you
for all the good things that you do
you share your heart and spare your time
for those less fortunate in life
I wish the world were filled with you
for there'd be no lonely people
wondering, does somebody care?
There'd be sunshine every morning,
love and coffee flowing
if the world were filled with you

Grandparents knew the great depression
left the farm when times were bad
they never stockpiled earthly treasures
always sharing what they had
and you've kept on with their calling
helping those whom troubles find
if by the fruit ye shall know them
then you're a God-tended vine

Bread and Milk
by Lisa Fuglie and Mark Anderson
Bread and milk, winter storm's coming
Better hit the road, everybody is a-running for
Bread and milk, get on our shoes
If you don't make a quick stop
You're gonna lose out on
Bread and milk, stock your shelves high
Everybody's worried 'cept you and I
Let the snow fly, I got nowhere to drive
I got bread and milk and you

Radio said storm's rolling in
Got a couple of hours before it begins
We're not going to move, don't know how many days
But I got a pantry squirreled away full of

Thank the Lord we got a pantry full of staples
Nowadays not everyone is able
I checked with my neighbor and I know that he's good
Cause when the winter wind's blowing every body body should have

I got bread (whole wheat) and milk (100% bgh free!) and you