Promoter Comments

Rod Hudson, Executive Director, Chilliwack Community Arts Council 11/09
It was indeed our pleasure to have you perform at the Chilliwack Bluegrass Festival this past year. Each year as part of our band lineup I try to find a quality band that our patrons would not likely be familiar with, a “Dark Horse” so to speak. This band is the one that I think will be the big surprise of the festival, the band where the audience members come to me later and say, “Where did you find this band, I’ve never heard them before, they’re excellent.” Monroe Crossing was our “Dark Horse” this past year.

I’m sure that you won’t be a dark horse on the West Coast anymore. Our patrons loved your original compositions, your presentation and your musical abilities are outstanding. What the audience doesn’t see or know is what Monroe Crossing is like to work with behind the scenes, what my staff and I have to work with. To that end you were exemplary. You conducted yourselves in a most professional manner and did everything that was expected of you very well without hesitation. Your band was a real treat to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate, and dare say will hire Monroe Crossing in the future.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Monroe Crossing to any presenter looking for a high quality, entertaining, fun bluegrass band who will really give you your moneys worth. We wish you and the band all the much deserved success in the future.

Brenda Mathiesen, First Lutheran Church, Battle Lake MN 08/09
Thank you so much again for coming to Battle Lake at First Lutheran Church. We so enjoyed having you all and being blessed with your music. Sunday morning brought a great number of comments about what a great time everyone had, and they would love to do this next year with you all. It was a great starting point to have you in our beautiful new church. We were able to offer praise in a new method, and bring new people to Him! We will certainly be in contact about how things are going. Also, great thanks for all the advice you all had offered in regards to our acoustics and our building. As well, just chats about music and about people. You all made the evening just a joy to be a part of! We shall see you soon!

Carolyn Hiller, Executive Director Choral Arts Ensemble, Rochester MN 05/09
Thank you for your performance with the Choral Arts Ensemble in the Rosemary and Meridith Willson Harmony for Mayo Program today. I know those in attendance and those watching the broadcast were entertained and inspired by your collective offering. Bringing quality music to Mayo Clinic staff, patients and visitors in order to enhance the Clinical experience is one of the goals of this program, and your participation is greatly appreciated. We wish you continued success. Thank you for the wonderful performance!

Bridget O'Brien, Executive Director, Chestnut Avenue Center for the Arts, Marshfield, WI 04/09
Our audience really loved having your band play here. I’m pretty sure your audience will continue to grow. Thanks for the great show! We’d love to see you return, of course, so don’t hesitate to reserve a date if you know you’ll be through the area again. We’re working on bookings for the coming year & want to be sure to save a date that works for you. I see Monroe Crossing is playing in the Bean Blossom Festival this year---way to go!!!! Have fun!

Josh Anderson, Director of Instrumental Music, Chisago Lakes High School 04/09
Just a quick note to say ‘Thank You’ for allowing the Chisago Lakes Jazz Ensemble to open for you on Friday at Chisago Lake Lutheran Church. It was a great experience for my students to hear a group of professionals performing their craft. I look forward to hearing you all again in the future.

Amy Hunter, Staples Motley Area Arts Council 03/09
Thanks for a great residency and concert. I have heard SOOOO many wonderful comments about all of it. I also heard you were on WCCO last night so I looked it up online and saw the band and the interviews. Great work. Your guys are awesome. Thanks again.

Helen Be Vier, Loxley Arts Council, Loxley MS 02/09
We really enjoyed having you perform at our Bluegrass in Loxley event. On behalf of the Loxley Arts Council I want to thank you for a great evening. I think I told you I was not a bluegrass fan, but I am now. Your performance was outstanding. We’ll look at our future plans. I don’t know how early we would need to contact you regarding a future date. I am assuming you do the Bell Buckle Cruise as an annual event. Anyway, we’ll keep in touch and again, thanks for a really great show. Say ‘Hi’ to everyone.

Bill Parker, Randy Blakeney Teleproductions 02/09
Your show and performance was one of the best I have ever seen. Your talent and variety is amazing. Please visit us again real soon. I hope you enjoyed our hospitality as much as we enjoyed your visit and music.

Marty Scarbrough, KASU FM Program Director 02/09
Thank you again for the outstanding performance you and the rest of Monroe Crossing gave last week in Paragould, Arkansas. Everyone in the band is an absolute professional, and I’ve pointed other groups to you to say ‘this is how you do it right in the world of bluegrass.’...I am so excited that you’ll be back with us again in 2010. There is no higher compliment that a band of your caliber could pay to our concert series than to want to come back and perform again... Thanks again for allowing me to record the show and to broadcast it so that folks who couldn’t be there in person could enjoy it...I hope you and the band have a wonderful 2009, and I’m already anxious to see you in 2010.

Ward Merrill, Executive Director, Backus Community Center, International Falls MN 12/08
Thank you so much for your outstanding performance here on Monday evening! The audience certainly appreciated your fine show and Sloughgrass felt very honored to share the venue with Monroe Crossing. We thank you for being here at Backus and would hope for a return engagement at some time in the future.

Bill Adams, Habitat For Humanity, Waldorf MD 07/08
I want to take this opportunity to say a number of things. We were so honored to have you come here to Grace Brethren Church and help us with a Habitat For Humanity concert. Everyone who came had the time of their life that evening. Your show was just incredible. I have been playing bluegrass for 37 years and your group is truly one of the freshest and original groups I have experienced. Not only that, your level of musicianship and quality of show is equally impressive. To top off the accolades; the taste your group exhibited was the most enjoyable aspect. I have heard so many groups over the past 4 decades and yours would stand out there with the upper 5%!!!

I was just blown away at the subtleties that each member contributed to each and every number. It was clear that many hours of thought and much discipline was attached to each song performed. Many groups don’t understand the power of holding back and delivering a quality lick or musical idea and the discipline of saving these for just the right moment in just the right song. You seem to have this entirely mastered.

I want to say that we would love to have you back again anytime you are in the area. You seem to just recently be branching out from the northern mid-western area. As time goes on, you will undoubtedly become better known. We will again attempt to advertise for you if we ever have you again in the future.

One last but very important point. I was even more impressed by the quality of people that each individual was to us here at Grace Brethren Church and Habitat For Humanity. From the moment you came until you left, it was just like having best friends or neighbors with us. Your friendliness, humility and personal attention was overwhelming. Rather than demanding how you needed everything to be, you instead became servants to our mission and desires. In the music business, your entire presence was both refreshing and just down right neighborly!

We would recommend you to ANYONE looking for a quality experience for both themselves and the crowd they wish to entertain. Please consider us your friends and we hope to see you again!!! Please say hello to everyone and I’ll look forward to seeing you all personally at IBMA!

Nancy Guertin, White Bear Area Choral Association 05/08
Where do I begin with my words of thanks to you? It was such a pleasure to work with you again, and to hear your marvelous music. The audiences, and the singers, truly loved this concert. Thank you for the CDs, and for letting us sing the Gloria with you. What a thrill to hear it all come together. Special thanks for helping us out with your voices and instruments on some of our other songs. It really helped in getting the flavor of the music across. Thanks most of all, for your kindness and good humor. You're are so easy to work with. The choir, my dad the harmonica guy, and I are most appreciative. I hope to see you on the cruise!

Len Robinson, WTUF, Thomasville GA 04/08
Just wanted to say hello to you guys — still think the show you did for us at the Cultural Center was one of the best I have ever presented! Looking forward to seeing you guys again next year. Give my best to the rest of the band.

Val & Jean Pike, Activities Coordinators, Desert Gold RV Resort, Brenda AZ 03/08
Monroe Crossing played for the first time at Desert Gold RV Resort on February 29, 2008. We booked them here upon recommendation of one of our residents who had seen them play in Minnesota. We were so pleased with the quality of the performance that we made it a point to attend the bluegrass festival at Parker, Arizona on March 1st just so we could hear them again. A number of our residents have requested we bring them back next season and we will be contacting Art Blackburn to find a mutually agreeable date. We can truthfully say the caliber of Monroe Crossing compares favorably with those of the nationally known groups Cherryholmes and The Bluegrass Brothers, who have both played here, and we highly recommend you give them a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Marty Scarbrough, KASU 02/08
Thank you so much for the phenomenal performance you gave in KASU’s Bluegrass Monday concert series this past Monday night in Paragould, Arkansas. Your stage presence and interaction with the audience was outstanding. The vocals were amazing, and your musicianship was absolutely top-notch. I truly believe that you left here with many more fans from Northeast Arkansas. I truly hope that you enjoyed your time with us, and I sincerely hope that our paths cross again in the future. Until then, let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to help promote your music or appearances you may have in our region.

Linda Hommes, President, Aitkin Friends of the Arts 02/08
Thank you so much for sharing the music of Monroe Crossing at our Midwinter Night’s Dinner (so appropriately named with the weather conditions on Saturday night). We’ve heard so many wonderful comments about your group, but then you are awesome! I hope to see you again soon in our area. Have a great year in ‘08!

Karen Sonnenblick, President, Southern Wisconsin Bluegrass Music Association 02/08
Monroe Crossing put on a fantastic show. Not only did they display excellent musicianship, they kept the audience captivated with interaction, stories and jokes... Monroe Crossing played a nice mix of original tunes, traditional bluegrass and gospel numbers. The show was so entertaining that the two children sitting in the front row were bobbing their heads along with the band until they finished the final set which was way past their bedtimes. Fiddler Lisa Fuglie wowed the audience with her phenomenal voice, and 25-year-old Benji Flaming impressed with his excellent banjo rolls. The guitar, banjo and bass player mesmerized the audience with their instrumental talent and their fancy shoes. The band sang beautiful leads and harmonies throughout the entire show.

Richard Ketterling, Fesler-Lampert Performing Arts Center, Faribault, MN 12/07
Art, Just wanted to thank you and rest of the group for a wonderful concert last night. It’s always so nice to see our auditorium so full. I really enjoyed the show and think you’ve got a nice balance of Christmas tunes with your other music. I think that there were probably many people at the concert last night that saw you at the Paradise Center for the Arts and then brought their friends to this concert. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. Best regards to all of you. Thanks for the great tie and tie clip. And after you’re done with this busy tour of Christmas shows, I hope you can catch your breath and have a Merry Christmas yourselves.

Keith Hampton, River Arts, Inc., Prairie du Sac, WI 11/07
Dear Art, Mark, Benji, Matt & Lisa: Thank you for an outstanding show at the River Arts Center. You really connected with our audience.

Laurie Nord, Prime Timers Director, Tracy MN 11/07
I am writing to thank you and each of the members of Monroe Crossing for taking the time and making the great effort to bring your group to Tracy for our yearly Prime Timers Dinner, sponsored by Minnwest Bank South. There is no way to truly tell you the impact your group made that evening. I think people were a bit shocked that we were able to enjoy such quality talent in our little town. There were a great many comments about how wonderful the evening was and more than once I heard, "How did you get such a great group to come here?" I consider myself and our bank privileged that you were willing to share your talents with us. Congratulations on your most recent honor of being inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. I hope your rendition of "Purple Rain" was a hit! I know I enjoyed it greatly. Again, my sincere thanks to each of you.

Larry Kuhn, Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival at Grass Valley 09/07
In the opinion of many people from every element of the overall bluegrass music scene here, your fine band "stole the show." You guys were immensely popular and successful at our festival this year. And for anybody who hasn't seen Monroe Crossing perform, I will vouch that it's one of the most entertaining, crowd-pleasing acts in the bluegrass music genre at this time.

Carla Skjong, Tyler Arts Council, Tyler, MN 09/07
The Tyler Arts Council in Tyler, Minnesota would like to thank you again for a truly wonderful concert. Our very enthusiastic audience was thrilled, and indeed, as you said, "the old Hall was rockin'!" We highly recommend Monroe Crossing to any group who loves good music. It’s as simple as that. Monroe Crossing is an opportunity to hear the cream of the crop!

Lois Anderson, St John’s Lutheran Church, Maynard, MN 09/07
There are not words enough to thank you for the joy you brought to our "Little Old Church By the Road" on Sunday, September 23rd. When our members talk about you being with us, it is always with a smile on their face and a lilt in their voice. Praying we meet again. God’s blessings to you all.

Jim Fuller, Free State Bluegrass Festival, Canton TX 09/07
We really enjoyed you guys. We talked about you folks all the way home. Thanks again for the CD. We almost wore it out. Just want to make one observation—The Bass man is super. Being a bass picker of ill repute I know a goodun (as we say in Texas) when I see one. I am not sure if he is the best I have ever seen, but I think he may well be the best I have ever shook hands with. Of course all the musicianship is good, but he just did a really good job for my money.

Vicki R Hultine, Senior Pastor, St John Lutheran Church, Waseca, MN 09/07
Just a note to say thank you for the fantastic concert you shared with us on August 22. It was so much fun! The church was just rocking. I’m not sure that I’m all that sorry we had to be indoors. As I go about town people are still stopping me and thanking me for bringing you here. There were so many that had not been in St. John before—what a wonderful introduction and association they have of us now. Thank you.

You are such wonderful musicians. It is such a joy to hear you and watch you perform. I would love to make this an annual event. It was really fun to hear the feedback from some of my members. One couple I know very well really had fun. The wife couldn’t say enough about how good it was and how she enjoyed it. I’ve never heard her so excited about anything. Then she said, "John was singing! I looked at him and thought, "He never sings in church...and he’s singing! Is this my husband?" You were a hit with that family for sure.

I’m keeping the poster on my office door. I smile when I look at it. I’m looking forward to Jam Camp again next summer and I hope my leadership will agree to bringing you back. Thank you for the CD’s. I sing along with you all the time in my car! God’s blessings on your journeys!

Nate Dungan, Entertainment Supervisor, MN State Fair 09/07
Thank you for bringing such a wonderfully entertaining show to the MN State Fair. I’m glad to hear your fair experience was so positive. I caught a little bit of it myself and was duly impressed by your rapport with the crowd and showmanship. That’s what it’s all about, and you guys know how to do it right.

Carol Schultz, Minnesota NAHRO Conference., Brainerd MN 06/07
Hi Art - You and the rest of Monroe Crossing were fabulous in Brainerd! Thanks so much for a great show! I heard wonderful feedback from our conference goers - so much so that I'm going to have a hard time ever topping your group for future conference entertainment. Maybe we can have you again sometime in the future. We'll certainly keep that in mind. I am enjoying the new CD I bought afterwards - It's your first one ("Over the Blue Mountain," I think it's called). Thanks again for a great performance.

Wes Almquist, Westwood Lutheran Church, St Louis Park MN 05/07
Wish you could have heard the comments on the concert...EVERYONE thought it was wonderful, and wished their friends had been there..."When can we get them again?" etc. One comment they all seemed to make was, "They seemed to be enjoying playing for us, made it really fun." ...a lot of great comments from "first time" bluegrassers.

Paul M Youngdahl, DD, Senior Pastor, Mount Olivet Lutheran Church, Minneapolis MN 05/07
Thank you for bringing wonderful music, and a lot of joy, to our Mount Olivet congregation. You shared beautifully the tradition of Bluegrass and Gospel music which our congregation appreciated. I wish for all of you a beautiful and meaningful summer season. Mount Olivet looks forward to having you return to lead us in worship again. God bless you all.

Beverly Claflin, Director of Music, Mount Olivet Lutheran Church, Minneapolis MN 04/07
Art - On behalf of the entire congregation, thank you so much for having Monroe Crossing participate at our four worship services this past weekend. We have heard so many positive comments about the music which I trust you heard as well!

As I mentioned on Sunday, I would love for you to return and collaborate with the Senior Choir sometime next spring... I think it would be fun for us to work with you in that fashion and it would certainly be meaningful for the adult choir to make music with the group.

If you think this is something that would be of interest, I would love to get it on the calendar as I know you all book out very far in advance. It would be a great opportunity for us to learn a little about "bluegrass music" in general... It is so good for us to reach out and learn some new things.

Brent McHenry, Managing Director, Stoughton Opera House, Stoughton WI 02/06
Thank you so much for the performance at the Stoughton Opera House on February 25, 2006. We are still receiving calls and emails saying how much they enjoyed the show and I’m sure your performance will be reminisced about favorably for months to come. The energy in our Opera House was absolutely magical that evening and your unconditional love for the music was so infectious. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting your band for the performance. It was such a joy and honor to work with such good hearted, honest and professional people, who are also so talented. As we discussed, we would be honored to have you all back next year, perhaps in the Spring '07. I’m sure we will be contacting you in the near future to work out the details. Best wishes on your future performances and careers!

Larry Gorrell, Dean, School of the Arts, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota 09/04
Last Friday was such a delightful day thanks to Monroe Crossing. The grade school performance was informative, educational and fun. I couldn't believe how engaged 250 fourth graders could be. Feedback from the evening performance was very positive. It was a great way to open our season. Please extend my personal thanks to the entire Monroe Crossing Company (including the kids!) Not only are you all great performers, you are wonderful people as well.

John Andrus, Missouri River Bluegrass Festival & Bluegrass Camp 08/04
...thanks again for doing our camp and festival. It was a wonderful four days and Monroe Crossing did an outstanding job of teaching and performing. I hope the rest of your time in North Dakota went as well for you... Thank you again for your professionalism and your leadership in the bluegrass community. Could be we'll get up to see you in Brainerd this fall.

Judy Thompson, Wells Fargo Family Farm Festival, Minnesota Zoo 08/04
You guys just did a fabulous job. Again, we really enjoyed having you as part of the Family Farm Festival. Attendance was huge... Again, thank you so much to everyone, all the musicians, they were just fabulous. I know I will be in touch with you regarding next years event.

Wendy Freshman, Minnesota History Center 07/04
Thank you for your phenomenal music! What a truly memorable evening at the History Center for all involved with people of all ages enjoying your wonderful toe-tapping rhythms and participating in the square dancing! I'm delighted we were finally able to get Monroe Crossing on the Nine Nights schedule and I'll look forward to working with all of you in the near future. All the best and again, many thanks for a great show!

Matt Klemetson, Ulen Community Concerts, Ulen MN 07/04
I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the band again for your great concert in Ulen last week. I have heard nothing but great praise on your performance from people that were in attendance. The main concern being expressed to me is when can we get you back again, so that is just great. Ill be in touch in the future hope you had a safe trip home.

Pastor Cynthia L Ray, Edgecumbe Presbyterian, St Paul MN 06/04
On behalf of the members of Edgecumbe Presbyterian Church, I want to thank you for your fine performance at our 3rd Backyard Bluegrass Concert. The talents of your group members were appreciated by our congregation and I have heard many accolades from our guests who attended the concert.

Lee Ryan, Parks and Recreation Director, City of Buffalo MN 06/04
Just wanted to thank you for putting on a great show last night. Not only was the group talented, but very friendly too! I hope you had as good of a time as the audience did! ...it was cool that there was such a variety of ages and types of people there last night, all enjoying the show. Just wanted to pass on how happy everyone seemed to be, and that we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Leo Kuiper, Archer Community Concerts, Archer IA 04/04
Just a note to let you know we all enjoyed your performance at Archer very much. I have not heard a single negative comment...and we are extremely pleased with our association with all the Monroe Crossing group. Thank you for being willing to come to our small town of Archer. It has been a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Katy Ryan, Department of Veterans Affairs, Minneapolis MN 02/04
On behalf of the patients at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the members of Monroe Crossing for the February 11, 2004 concert performed here at the Medical Center at part of the week-long observance of the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans. Your upbeat personalities and incredible music lifted many spirits and was greatly enjoyed by all in attendance. We certainly hope to see you again in the future. Thank you for sharing your time and talents with our nation's heroes, the U.S. veterans!

Cecilia Rolando, Northern Lakes Arts Association, Ely MN 02/04
I sure enjoyed the concert...it was a marvelous musical experience for all of us there. Each of you sure brings a great deal to the performance, making for an exceptionally fine combination of sound. Thank you again.

Michele Johnson, President, WBACA 12/03
On behalf of all the members of White Bear Area Choral Assoc, we wish to THANK all members of Monroe Crossing for being our guest artist for our fall concert. Our concert was a huge success and a great musical experience. You all were just the greatest to work with. We all feel we have made new friends and really hope to work again with you in the near future. THANKS AGAIN for a wonderful musical experience!!!

Cindy Hagel, President, Sheyenne Fine Arts Association 11/03
Thanks, again for coming to Lisbon and giving us a great show. Hope you had a good trip back and hope we can have you back again sometime soon.

Carol Nurmi, Rochester Community & Technical College 10/03
I have heard many positive, close to raving, statements as to how great Monroe Crossing is - from your abilities as musicians to the way you interact with each other and the audience. So, stay warm over the winter and we'll be sure to find a date that works for next year.

Barb Darland, Sacred Heart Music Center, Duluth MN 10/03
You are absolutely super-duper fantastic! Your energy and talent were appreciated by all of us last night at Sacred Heart Music Center. I was completely serious about your recording in our space too. The resonance you achieved was amazing! I'm looking forward to our next performance together! Thank you for being so flexible & being part of KUMD's live broadcast--it really gave a great push for our attendance. We had a great time and enjoyed your music a ton! You're DEFINITELY on our return list.

Pat Feit, Elk River Area Arts Festival/ArtSoup 09/03
Thank you for being the opener for (Elk River's) ArtSoup this year. Your group is awesome, and it was a perfect programming choice for kicking off a festival! Your vibrance, your harmony, your sense of ensemble & your obvious love of what you do makes you very dynamic and special! A future concert in our series would be great fun and well received! Thanks again.

Pastor John Peshek, First Lutheran Church, Alexandria MN 09/03
The verdict on Monroe Crossing? I thought they were absolutely astounding. What a wonderful worship service that was. I don't think anyone could have possibly left that service without a smile on their face.

Wanda Erickson, Pioneer Work/Pioneer Art Festival 08/03
People are still talking about the wonderful music...many comments were still being heard two weeks following the (Pioneer Work/Pioneer Art Festival) evidencing the quality and timeliness of the music... We couldn't have picked a better group of people to work with. Your professional manner and quality performance was unbeatable. Thanks for working with us, and for being understanding of our unique needs... Monroe Crossing helped us draw people to our celebration that otherwise would not have come. We had just a great day! Thanks again for all you did to make this such a worthwhile venture.

Tammy Makram - Executive Director, Council for Arts & Humanities in Rock County 05/03
Yesterday was a fantastic day for us! It was by far the best event that we've held at the Palace in many years. I heard nothing but positive comments and many requests to have you return to Luverne as soon as possible. I know you won't have any trouble in selling the place out when your band does return. Thank you for all your patience in putting this concert together. You are absolutely wonderful performers and wonderful people to work with, as well. We look forward to your next performance at the Historic Palace Theatre.

Mike Mathes, Jumpin' Jambalaya Jamfest 04/03
Your music and your genuineness spoke volumes to all of us affiliated with the Jumpin' Jambalaya Jamfest. WOW! We all knew when we hired Monroe Crossing that our fans would be in for a tremendous treat. Still, we were overwhelmed by your performance. I fully expect that Monroe Crossing will be on the stage of the Grand Ol' Opry some day. Your talents are monumental, but your most endearing quality is the band's cohesiveness. Your use of the Bill Monroe "single mic" system offers entertainment in the true traditions of bluegrass and allows you to showcase individual talents within the band setting. An unmistakable chemistry flows between the members of your group and pays wonderful dividends for the audience. Whether the song was slow and soulful or lightning fast, Monroe Crossing drew rave reviews from our Jamfest audience. Your performance left us with little to do but dance our soles thin and clap our hands raw. We all went home smiling, happier, and richer for the opportunity to have seen one of the truly fine acts in today's bluegrass scene. We can't wait to hear your next recording! P.S. We will work hard to get you back again!

Mary Lou Werner, Celebrate Art! Celebrate Coffee! Festival 10/02
Thanks for you willingness to participate in our festival this year...the comments were all very positive. We have absolutely no complaints and hope you will be able to join us at a future festival. We thought your group was particularly professional in your music as well as in your appearance. There was a nice blend of voices and instruments and your performance moved very smoothly. Even those vendors who could not come to the bleachers appreciated listening to your fine music.

Lina Belar, Perham Pioneer Festival 09/02
Once again I want to thank you so much for your wonderful performance at the Pioneer Festival 2002. I hope you enjoyed being there as much as people enjoyed hearing you. We hope to see you again next year.

Carol Ford, Milan Arts School Concert Series 09/02
Everything I'd hoped for and more--as far as the crowd, their appreciation of the music and the danged good time had by all. To see the musicians recharged by the audience's delight, to watch good friends dancing their legs off, to know that many people there were attending their first art school event and first concert at the town hall--it all warms the heart some considerable...I think folks here are delighted with the success of the event...Not every band could have taken that audience for the fun ride you gave 'em, which makes my task of developing an acoustic series in that hall much easier. This is exactly what I hoped would happen and I needed a really great performance by a talented band to make it so.

Jeffrey Carver, Carver Marketing Concepts, Ltd 07/02
Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciated Monroe Crossing's performance the other night at the US Sporting Clay Championships. My client, Jack Daniels Bourbon, as you know, was thrilled at your music...which obviously is very important to me! As I mentioned to you, I really did my research on this one and your group was head and shoulders above the rest. You are all tremendous musicians and it was wonderful to hear you play. In addition, your band members were friendly, accommodating and a pleasure to get to know. I look forward to hiring Monroe Crossing again for my next event. Take care and thanks again!

Margery Swanson, Secretary, PCAC, Pine City MN 08/02
The Pine City Arts Council would like to thank you for your contribution towards making this annual arts fest in Robinson Park a success. We heard many compliments from the exhibitors and the Pine City area people. You were very professional and easy to deal with.

Terri Skelton, Executive Director, Harmony for Mayo 12/01
Thank you for your wonderful performance in the Harmony for Mayo concert series ...your participation was greatly appreciated. We hope you'll consider participating in Harmony for Mayo again in the future.

Kate VanSickle, University of MN Morris 10/01
Everyone I talked to was quite pleased with Monroe Crossing. I was especially impressed with the unity of your group–it was obvious that you all have a good time together! The sound was superb, the group’s energy contagious, and the music was full of flavor! Your music brought great joy to the full audience at the Common Grounds Caffe!

Nate Dungan, Entertainment Supervisor, Minnesota State Fair 10/01
Thank you for bringing your excellent bluegrass band, MONROE CROSSING, to the Minnesota State Fair. The crowd...enjoyed your music and had a great time during your shows. This letter gives my highest recommendation to MONROE CROSSING for anyone booking live entertainment. The musicianship is truly outstanding. But one does not have to be an expert to enjoy your show–one merely has to see you and the group having such a great time on stage, to be entertained. Your band offers the kind of excellence that makes our fair proud. You are preserving the tradition and legacy of Bluegrass music, and presenting it to today’s audiences with contagious enthusiasm. It’s safe to say that this year, at the Minnesota State Fair, you have maintained your reputation as one of the best bluegrass bands ever to come out of Minnesota.

Sharon L Nelson, Co-Director, Kanabec History Center, Mora MN 10/01
Thank you for being at the Kanabec Fall Fest/ Your performance was well received and we had many comments on how much people enjoyed it. I appreciate the fact that you went ahead with both performances even though our plans had changed at the last moment, eliminating the second stage has planned. People really enjoyed your music, it was an uplifting, toe-tapping experience.

Joanne Bolles, Coordinator, Teddy Harrison, Jr. Music Benefit Concert 10/01
Thank you so very much for giving of your time and talent to the Teddy Harrison, Jr. Music Benefit Concert. It was a big day with much success for Teddy. Thanks again for your presence and your wonderful music. It meant everything to have you there!

Renee Appel, Dundee Nothing Days 09/01
Just wanted to let you know how much our small town enjoyed your performances at the Dundee Nothing Days Celebration. The comments we received were all of the highest praise!! My favorite was the gospel performance at the church. The harmony was fantastic and the musical talent of your entire group is phenomenal. It makes your goose bumps get up and hug each other. I, and many we have talked to since, look forward to seeing you perform again!

Jeannine Windels, President & CEO, Crookston MN Chamber/CVB, Ox Cart Days 08/01
WOW...It is always gratifying to have a group get the enthusiastic response that Monroe Crossing did. I would certainly recommend Monroe Crossing to anyone looking for a group that provides great bluegrass and gospel music, an engaging stage presence, and is as accommodating and easy to work with as all of you. We are definitely looking forward to having you back next year!

Lina Belar, Executive Director, Perham Pioneer Festiva 08/01
Thank you once again for performing at Pioneer Festival 2001. The comments I heard were all favorable and everybody had a great time! ...we just received funding for the 2002 Festival. I hope that you are available.

Steve Bonkowski, Nemadji Arts Guild Social, Nickerson MN 01/01
Thanks for the great music this weekend. This is truly a very special band that we were privileged to hear.