Across The Blue Mountains

CD: $15

Track Listing

Across the Blue Mountains
Rain Was Turning Into Snow
Two Men a Prayin'
All My Life
The Cuckoo
Nail That Catfish to a Tree
Friendship's Road
Down in the Willow Garden
Letter From My Darlin'
Before You left Me Behind

Monroe Crossing's critically acclaimed debut CD with with Art, Lisa, Mark, Matt and Benji Flaming on banjo.


Critical Acclaim for Across The Blue Mountains

The Bluegrass Connection: "Creatively cohesive arrangements abound with an added sprinkling of delightfully unexpected harmonies"
by Lynn Healey, April 2002
This CD ("Across the Blue Mountains") displays American roots music that mixes the talents of five musicians who are collectively versed in old-time, folk, bluegrass, and contemporary acoustic music. The diversities are balanced by an important factor: the understanding of driving, effective rhythm on the parts of all the musicians.

The band name "Monroe Crossing" honors Bill Monroe...and signifies the members' individual approaches and interpretations of the music. The resulting blend is solidly grounded yet notably upscale and modern.

From the opening cut, one feels immediate respect for this group. They are highly competent and obviously well rehearsed. Upon continued listening, the members' individual personalities blossom. For example, Lisa Fuglie's authentic old-time influence becomes more apparent, as does Art Blackburn's brilliantly complex yet simple guitar style. The group presents worthy songwriting talents...These originals are sandwiched between a generous helping of traditional tunes accented by slices of non-traditional treatment,...a couple of Bill Monroe classics...and a Gillian Welch favorite ("Annabelle").

On this CD, Monroe Crossing's creatively cohesive arrangements abound with an added sprinkling of delightfully unexpected harmonies. The instrumental portions are tastefully clean and refreshing, the vocals smooth and polished.

The band hails from Minneapolis, MN and if they have not been featured on Minnesota-based "A Prairie Home Companion," they surely ought to be. Their music seems to come from Anywhere, USA and should be heard everywhere in the USA.