Letters From Friends
Here's what friends are saying about Monroe Crossing:

It was our pleasure having Monroe Crossing perform for us. I've had more people come to me after this concert wanting to hear more than any band we've had in my tenure on the board and as an officer. Many said you guys were the best ever to perform for us and we have 8 traveling acts perform for us each season. I have no criticism, constructive or otherwise to pass to you as your show was too good to be improved upon. We look forward to having you back soon. Please feel free to use the following as my letter of recommendation!

For anyone who is looking for the best in bluegrass and the best in entertainment, either by attending a concert or to book for a concert, I highly recommend Monroe Crossing to anyone who wants to see traditional bluegrass mixed with a special blend of "Monroe Crossing Grass,", the likes of which you've never heard before. Thoroughly entertaining! One of the best!

Dick Beckley, President, Seven Mountains Bluegrass Association 10/10

You were great as always. We really enjoy your diverse bluegrass music!
Ron & Jan H., Taylors Falls MN 11/09

Awesome concert tonight!!! What a wonderful, fun evening. (I bought 6 CDs ... can't wait to start listening to them).
Beth P., Moorhead MN 10/09

What a nice treat to have Monroe Crossing at the Hostfest. My mother and I attended and enjoyed 7 of your 8 shows. I emailed the Hostfest and let them know how much we enjoyed you and it would be wonderful to have you back. Thank you so much Art for giving me the CD. Very thoughtful of you. I have listened to it and enjoyed it very much.. It was a fun time Hostefesting!!! :)
Colleen M., Bismarck ND 10/09

Looks like Monroe Crossing has a very busy schedule this fall. Dar, Dana and I really enjoyed your shows at the Minnesota State Fair this year. The group just keeps getting better and better. Hope to catch another show soon. Say hi to everyone in the group for us.
Carlos A., Angora MN 10/09

Thanks for an uplifting evening. Your music is soothing to the soul. Thanks for playing my requests. You people are great!! I needed a perk up and you sure did provide it. I truly like your playing. and most of all the harmonies. Keep up the good work. I think I am missing one of your albums, but that can be corrected. I really enjoyed the evening. Thanks again. Forever a Fan.
Billie Jo L., Farmington MN 10/09

What can we say? The Rose Man and Wifey are once again ever so thrilled to have been at a Monroe Crossing concert. Hope to see you again real soon! Thanks again Art.
Al & Margo P., Ely MN 10/09

Was at the Edge Center in Bigfork this evening with my family. My parents have see you twice before. It was a wonderful performance.
Krystal H., Effie MN 10/09

We enjoyed your concert at the Paradise in Faribault last night so very much. We're considering the cruise in January. We bought the “Heartache & Stone” CD and will enjoy the concert over and over. We're looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Thanks for an enjoyable evening.
Robin M., via email 10/09

You seemed to have invited us into your home last night for a jam session which was awesome. Can't wait to see you at another show.
Dan & Linda S., via email 10/09

Great show, incredible talent...can’t wait to see you again and bring my family & friends!
Beth Anne N., Minneapolis MN 10/09

Thanks for your songs from our request. We love your music & great talents.
Ron & Sharron C., Hazen ND 10/09

Just bought your new cd. AWESOME!!! What else can I say. Thanks for the great music!!
Tony A., Topsail Beach NC 10/09

Congratulations on your continued success and good life. I can’t wait to hear your new CD and, I’m looking forward to seeing you perform the new songs. Stay safe, be well and may God Bless all of those who travel and make music; because, they are bringing inspiration to their listeners and making life more enjoyable for all who come to see them. Your friend and fan in Faribault, MN.
Paul P., via email 09/09

Thanks for the friend request. I really enjoy Monroe Crossing on Midwest Country! Nice group, and tight playing and harmonies. Keep up the good work. I am a traditional fiddler from W. North Carolina mountains, born and bred in the music, so it's what I do these days since I've retired. THANKS AGAIN! :)
Roger H., via Facebook 09/09

We love your music. We were at the Red Trail Vineyard (Buffalo, ND). We brought in a set of two couples and they all loved it. I forgot to pick up the new album when we were there, so I seeked you out.
Rudy R., via email 09/09

Hi Art, I always enjoy seeing you and wish time permitted for us to play together again in some sort of venue... You all in Monroe Crossing are the greatest! I'm sure we will cross paths again in the not too distant future. Best to you.
Andy L., via Facebook 09/09

Very great to have watched you all weekend at Chilliwack. Your music, voice skills and humour was a treat to watch.
Rob B., via email 09/09

Have heard you several times and each time is a pleasure.
Bob M., Osseo MN 09/09

Super charged up—professional & awesome.
Don & Eileen G, Verona ND 09/09

Hi to Monroe Crossing. It was a great concert! We have been to all the Lakeville concerts and we think this was the best ever! Wonderful instrumentals (as usual), great vocals (as usual) and lots of fun! We didn't want it to be over.
Janet & Lee N., via email 09/09

Enjoying your wonderful new CD "Heartache & Stone" that arrived in the mail last Friday. Congrats for another great release! We listened to it right away and en route to our bike trip on Sunday. Steve and I did the Paul Bunyan trail Monday and Tuesday. Great weather! Sorry we missed the MBOTMA festival. My sister and her husband went on Saturday for the first, but not the last, time."
Linda R., Monticello MN, via email 08/09

I will tell you that people are still talking about the worship service and your concert afterwards. There have been so many positive comments made regarding the music selections as will as your prelude, offertory and postlude. I know, for me, it is a concert I will long remember because of the experience to sing with such an outstanding group. I was hoping to make it up to Chilliwack BC for your September concert but can't. Bummer. I wore your shirt to our local county fair and had someone come up to ask me where I got it as they knew of you. Thanks again for a memorable experience and greetings to the rest of the group.
Ruth S., Santa Ana CA 08/09

Art, Just wanted to let you and the group know that the newest CD "Heartache & Stone" (which we got in the mail and have been listening to often) is WONDERFUL!! Some very beautiful, introspective gems on there. Congratulations and well done!!
Paula S., Oshkosh WI 08/09

Great music! Enjoyed hearing you for the first time.
Janell M., Rice Lake WI 08/09

You are awesome. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.
Libby W., Silver City IA 08/09

You guys were absolutely wonderful at the Old Log Theater. We had seven members of our band there that night and everyone really enjoyed the show. Keep up the great work.
Marilynn B., Chaska MN 08/09

Dear Monroe Crossing, Your performance at First Lutheran in Battle Lake was phenomenal! I wasn't much of a bluegrass fan prior to your show, (I'm still not sure I am now), but, what I do know is, I am now a huge fan of Monroe Crossing. I was blown away by all of your music, but your cover of what I believe to be, "The Last Letter" Rose in a Spanish Garden song, was particularly amazing. Thanks again for a tremendous performance Friday night!
Jason S., via email 08/09

My wife Georgene and I really enjoyed the show last night in Buffalo (ND). You guys really do put on a good show and your musical talent is as good as it gets. Listened to your new album (“Heartache & Stone”)on the way back to Fargo— You guys have nailed it again. Great songs done Right! Thanx.
Doug N., via email 08/09

Really GREAT show at the State Fair today. We were just mentioning though, shame you guys don't enjoy yourselves a little more. LOL Always a treat to see Monroe Crossing. You all have a fantastic energy!
Carol M., via Facebook 08/09

It was a great show, very enjoyable, all 3 performances! Wonderful weather...what a day!
Tim M., via Facebook 08/09

First timer - REALLY enjoyed the music and instrumental symmetry.
Tim E., Hamburg MN 08/09

Your performance at (MN State) the fair was fabulous! You had my husband and me in tears... with "At Last."
Cindy M., via email 08/09

What a joy it was to get to meet you this past weekend at the Scott Valley Festival and to hear your wonderful music!! I knew I liked you guys, but now I'm a big fan! I got both your gospel CDs and have listened to them over and over again.....what a blessing your music is to me and so many others. Hope you come out this way again, and in the meantime I'll be praying that the Lord will watch over you as you travel and bring the joy of your performance to lots of other folks!
Jan N., via email 07/09

Thank each of you. Your music is great!
Ruth W., Bandera TX 07/09

You’re our favorite!!
Bobby W., Beckville TX 07/09

I love your band.
Dorothy H., Burleson TX 07/09

Fantastic. My favorite.
Beth W., Altas OK 07/09

Breath of fresh air!
Gary K., Lisle IL 07/09

One of the best bands I’ve heard. Love you!
Rene G., Ashland KY 07/09

We enjoyed you so much at the Scott Valley Bluegrass Festival in Etna. You are an outstanding group and a blessing! Hope we will see you at the festival again in the coming years! Safe travels to your group. God bless.
Travis & Julie M., Fort Jones CA 07/09

Thank you for making the trip ‘out west’ and for being my favorite group here in Etna!
Lynn M., Montague CA 07/09

We had the privilege and fun of singing with your group at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana, Ca. this past weekend. Absolutely a thrill. At your concert that day, you sang a song that had some reference to a Martin Luther King event. What would be the name of the song please or what album is it a part of?
Ray & Jeme C., Santa Ana CA 06/09

A big thank you to all of Monroe Crossing for a fantastic musical experience. From listening to Friday night’s rehearsal to the last song performed at the concert on Sunday, it was unbelievable. I had to leave before the postlude at first service to dash home tp pick up my 91 year old mother. I didn’t want her to miss the worship service or the concert. She enjoyed the service and the concert and was telling a neighbor about the event.

I have become a fan of bluegrass and will continue to download your music from i-tunes (hope you get more of your albums on the list.) I also intend to download most of your Christmas music, and I definitely want to get "Potter’s Field" - it brought tears to my eyes.

I was hoping to get all of you to sign my t-shirt after the concert but didn’t get a chance. Perhaps next time. I’m checking out your schedule, and I may just show up at one of your California, Washington or British Columbia concerts(I lived in the Vancouver area for 17 years).

Thanks again to all of you. It was fun.

Ruth S., Santa Ana CA 06/09

Always a pleasure to see you perform!
John S., Minneapolis MN 05/09

The best in bluegrass!
Tracey R., Lampe MO 05/09

"The Atlanta Church" is a very moving song. The mandolin is particularly evocative of long history of a place passing into oblivion–it's heart rending. In that sense this song is one of the best bluegrass songs ever recorded–in my humble opinion. Bluegrass is suppose to be about heart-breaking loss and hard and quirky times. When you harmonize to emphasize the ‘echo’ toward the end, that is so bluegrass it makes my eyes well up. I'm a real hillbilly and I know hard times and what bluegrass is suppose to sound like. Please write more songs like that one and help us remember all we lost, those we pined for, and all the harsh things we miss. Thanks for getting my fiancé hooked on bluegrass. She's obsessed with you guys.
Carl C., Rochester MN 04/09

We have seen Monroe Crossing several times and have enjoyed you very much. This was probably the best we seen. You people are great. Thank you very much for contributing to a very enjoyable weekend, and for the personal conversation after your set. Looking forward to the next time. Keep pickin’ and grinnin’.
David M & Mary Jane W., Mount Morris IL 04/09

I hope to come see you guys again in concert soon! Thanks for all the great music!
Anna L., Bloomington MN 04/09

I enjoyed your performances so much — you were my favorite band at Wintergrass 2009. Your arrangements/talent/amazing vocals/stage presence really touched a few Midwest chords in my heart. My head is still full of music. I love all kinds of music, play old-time banjo, and appreciate bands that connect with their audience — you are an inspiration to all of us wannabe’s to keep on hummin’ and strummin’. Wintergrass always manages to find the best of the best. Hope to see you again next year.
Sue B., Monroe WA 03/09

I have been to all three of your concerts in Thief River Falls. Please keep coming. I love your music!
Elody O., Thief River Falls MN 03/09

We went on the Saturday of the (Wintergrass) festival and had an awesome time listening to some awesome music. Highlights for me were The Paperboys, Monroe Crossing and the brilliant mandolinist from Brazil, Danilo Brito. (Monroe Crossing) was awesome! Beautiful harmonies and great humor. Benji the banjo player cracked me up, he was awesome.
troubadourbaker, www.flickr.com 03/09

Hi y'all, I'm the grayhaired guy in the second row, right in front of Mark's bass yesterday. I can't tell you how much fun your singing is. I took a friend along who had never heard live bluegrass before, and now she's got three of your CDs and a date to go to the May 3 Bluegrass Mass at Plymouth. How you did an encore I'll never know, because you left just about everything on the floor with "Orange Blossom," the best one I ever heard. Period. I signed up on your email list at the (MBOTMA Winter Bluegrass Weekend) festival, so I assume you'll get the word out to all of us when your CD is available. I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks again for yesterday, and best wishes.
Jim L., Minneapolis MN 03/09

May I just say, you guys were fantastic Friday at Autumn Ridge. Loved that they put you up on the big screen. As always a wonderful performance, you guys NEVER disappoint. Looking forward to seeing you in Independence. Glad to hear you’re going back into the studio and recording a new album, looking forward to that as well. Keep on sharing. Thanks for a great evening.
Carol M., via email 03/09

Hi. I'm doing a review of your performance yesterday at Woodlake Lutheran....I was delighted with the music. I paid special attention to (Lisa's) voice and Mark's antics with the base.
Janet S., Bloomington MN 03/09

Awesome! What gifts you are!
Lloyd & Bonnie J., Rochester MN 03/09

Amazing musicianship — Thank you!!
Elizabeth S., Richfield MN 03/09

Folks in Spring Valley sure loved the show! My folks lived in Marshfield; I'll call them and tell them to go see you.
Sue W., Marshfield WI 03/09

I happened to be channel surfing and caught the Monroe Crossing act on a country music show. I enjoy the music you guys and gal make. As a Bluegrass Boy alumni I periodically get a ‘want to pick’ spasm and set up a project. My excursions outside recording, more often that not, leave me discouraged and running back to hermitization as I encounter an intellectualized homogeneous blend of string band music that seems to me to be a parody of what I remember - I digress. Y’all were a pleasant surprise. Keep up the good work.
Butch Robins, Bluegrass Boy 02/09

I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the ‘Blue Grass Cruise.’ It was wonderfully enjoyable and entertaining. I have always enjoyed Bluegrass music but I never dreamt that my wife, Marilyn, would like it as much as she does. We came home with a pile of CDs! We must say that of all the groups, Monroe Crossing is the tops. I hope the White Bear Community Chorus will have the chance to perform with you once again in the near future. Marilyn and I wish all of you the very very best. Cheers.
Roger A., White Bear Lake MN 02/09

Monroe Crossing Members, Happy New Year and blessings to you each. I just want to thank you for the wonderful Christmas concert you performed at the Minneapolis VA Hospital. My Mom and I attended the concert that night and we have both been big fans of yours. I work at the hospital and the 1st time I saw you was when I was working on evenings 2 or 3 years ago. I was passing by and heard this awesome music and have been hooked ever since! You are such a blessing for the patients (and staff) they really enjoy your concerts. Some have family unable to be there for them and it's really a bright spot for them. My God richly bless you each in the coming year.
Darcy S., Minneapolis VA Hospital 01/09

Since watching RFD on Saturday nights the past few years, I’ve become an enthusiastic fan of Monroe Crossing. It’s not just the music. The group is visually entertaining as well. Everyone adds something to the package. I’d like to know: Where can I buy your CDs and is there a website that shows your schedule? I’ve never been to Branson, but I’ll go if I could see Monroe Crossing in a live performance.
Ellis B., Columbia IL 01/09

We were on a family reunion cruise, on the Inspiration, and our family was pleased to run into you and ‘your bluegrass family.’ We all spent a lot of time trying to view as many performances or practices that we could. To have a cruise with this small bluegrass family was great. Your band, as well as a couple of others, has a new group of fans. Keep going strong and thanks for the performances.
Doug and Melissa O., via email 01/09

We love coming to listen to Monroe Crossing! Our Granddaughters loved the show in Babbitt Nov 2008. Our whole family loves Monroe Crossing! Simply Love - Loves - Loved Ya! We hope catch you again sometime soon, at another wonderful Show! Sooner rather than Later!
Al & Margo P., Ely MN 12/08

Just dropping you a note to express a sincere ‘thanks’ for the comments made at your concert in Lino Lakes last Friday evening. A good friend of mine from Shoreview spoke with Matt and Mark during the intermission and mentioned that my wife and I would have attended the concert but couldn't because I had eye surgery that morning. I'm the big guy from Willmar, MN who had been making a nuisance of myself on several occasions by asking Matt if the band ever played a Jim and Jesse favorite song of mine - ‘Drifting and Dreaming.’ Thanks to a reminder I made to Art at Richmond last summer, you practiced and then performed the song beautifully at the Kandiyohi County Fair the next day, to my great delight.

My friend called this afternoon to say that you remembered not only the song but me as well and sent good wishes for recovery, then started the second half of the concert by including remarks to that effect. My head swelleth from the recognition and I thank you for the remarks and concern expressed.

I certainly would have preferred to be at the concert but I'm happy to report the surgery went well and I'm without pain and on the way to improved eyesight. My wife and I will leave December 31 for a three month stay in the Asheville, North Carolina area so we'll have access to some fine bluegrass during that time. We always attend the Bluegrass First Class festival in mid-February in Asheville and we've dropped Monroe Crossing’s name with the promoter on more than one occasion in hopes that you might get an invite there. You’d look very good in a lineup with the likes of Rhonda Vincent, IIIrd Tyme Out, The Seldom Scene, the Grascals, and Dailey/Vincent.

My admiration and thanks to all of the band for the great music you perform, for your respect and recognition of the people who created and popularized bluegrass, and for the humor you bring to each concert. It all adds up to unqualified evenings that lift our spirits and we leave with a sense of enjoyment and time well spent.

Bob & Cheryl R., Willmar MN 12/08

Thanks for the great entertainment last night in Luverne. So glad we made the 100-mile trip in the cold! We had planned to go for several months, but I thought it was too cold to go. Allyn didn't agree. So glad he is still the boss here! Thanks for doing "Electric Blanket" for me! I have to tell you a story about the 1st time I heard that song. August 2007, the morning after I bought your CD in Pine River at the Lakes Bluegrass Festival, I had it playing while getting dressed. The evening before had gotten quite cool before the concerts were over. Snuggling in bed that night felt good and the extra body helped to warm up. So, I was brushing my teeth, listening to the beautiful harmony of Art and Lisa singing Electric Blanket. When the chorus came, I burst out laughing and needed to clean my mirror! It was worth the extra work for the good laugh! Thanks for all the smiles and burst out laughter you've given us. Wishing you all a very Blessed Christmas and safe travels, wherever the road leads you. We'll catch you again soon, God willing!
Corrine & Allyn B., Echo MN 12/08

Thanks for a great Jam Camp in August at El Rancho Manana. It was a great learning experience for me. Matt was my mandolin teacher and he did an outstanding job. He knows bluegrass. (He probably lives, eats and breathes the stuff.) Mark was my ensemble leader and he gave me great confidence to go ahead take a break (playing a solo). Before I would never take one. But he assured me it was all right to make mistakes and once I got over that fear ,it became easer and easier. Mark, I can't stress enough how gratefull I am for the confidence you and the others have given me. Everybody was very humble and personable and kept encouraging us. I felt I left there with 5 great friends and an excitement for Bluegrass music. It’s been 4 months since the camp and I am much more confident to take a break on songs that I don't even know!!! Thanks everyone for great camp, looking forward to jamming with you in the future.
Rory E., Cambridge MN 12/08

It was just great. It's really nice of you to make a donation. Your Holiday Concert is such a gift to our congregation and community! May God bless you all this Christmas season and throughout the new year.
Paul O., Peace Lutheran Church, Hutchinson MN 12/08

You people are great!
Orville L., Ellendale MN 12/08

I will bring my friends & family to see you all, and fellow veterans.
Carolyn B., Maplewood MN 12/08

Some of the best bluegrass I’ve heard in Minneapolis — Thank you.
Gary H., Apple Valley MN 12/08

My first experience. I’m impressed and delighted. Hope I can hear you soon again!!
Gerald B., Hutchinson MN 12/08

We attended the Blue Grass Festival at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas in November, and really enjoyed listening to your group. Everyone is so talented and so enthusiastic that it was fun for all of us. We hope to be able to come see you again when you come to Branson, Missouri in May.
Joan G., St Louis MO 12/08

Christmas Greetings to all you wonderful musicians in Monroe Crossing---such talent, such truly nice people, such fantastic bluegrass---WOW! Have a great 2009---we're looking forward to again enjoying your marvelous concerts!
John & Carol G., via email 12/08

We absolutely loved having Monroe Crossing here at Luther College again. Your energy and talent was unbelievable and you kept me smiling all night long. I overheard two students talking as they were leaving at the end of the show and one made the comment ‘I feel fabulous, how could you not after that show.’ Thank you for treating our students and the Decorah community. Also, I noticed that you guys are going to play in West Des Moines on Nov. 22nd. That just so happens to be my hometown and I'm I will be home that weekend so I hope to bring my family out to see you guys. Thanks so much.
Chris Ash, Luther College SAC Spotlight co-chair 11/08

My wife and I attended the show in Mantorville this past Sunday. We brought another couple who had not had the pleasure of seeing you before. They were very impressed and bought your CD "Live From Silver Dollar City", which we also have. We thought this was the BEST we have seen you yet. We have been to several of your performances and each seems to be better than the last. Your new songs and your continual banter between songs is a delight. Thanks again for the great show. We will be looking forward to another some time.
Gary E., Hastings MN 11/08

We just returned from Mountain View and three wonderful day at the bluegrass festival and what a great impression Monroe Crossing made again. The folks were impressed and some said, ‘they came from where?’ Thanks again for the wonderful show, hope to catch up with you all again shortly. We in Arkansas think you guys are the best. How about the standing ovation? Well deserved!
Doug & Ruth O., Bella Vista, AR 11/08

Great music folks. I worked with a lot of traditional bluegrass bands back here in the east, hosting high school auditorium shows, and country music parks, and I must say you folks have one of the finest, cleanest bluegrass sounds I've ever heard. You folks keep putting out the good old traditional bluegrass music, and I wish you all the best in your careers. I'll be telling all the folks in the area back here in the east about you, and hopefully ,you can let me know when you're going to appear back here in the Delaware--Pennsylvania area!
Bob C., Delaware City DE 11/08

Thank you for your wonderful performance in Virginia, MN on November 15! It was such a blessing to hear your uplifting music with all your professionalism and humor. America could use more of your music! I'm grateful our mutual friend, Carl A., told me about you. I'll help pass along the word the next time you're our way.
Dorothy O., Britt MN 11/08

Seeing you in Babbitt for the first time was a GREAT experience and then seeing you again in Virginia with our kids was an even better treat. We have been listening to your music ever since--bluegrass music always brings a smile!! Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
Kim E., Embarrass MN 11/08

Hope you didn't meet too much snow or bad roads on the way to Virginia and Rainy Lake on Monday night. Thank you so much for having us play before you again. We really appreciate that you guys are so inclusive to amateur bands like us and always so nice folks. We all had a great time playing with and especially listening to you. We really liked some of Lisa's new songs we hadn't heard or remembered hearing before. Unfortunately we won't be able to join the cruise but maybe we'll have to have our own up here on the Rainy River next summer instead. Happy trails.
Soren & Sloughgrass 11/08

I saw you at the Phipps, and bought a CD. Have to tell you there is a wonderful anointing on your song ‘Into the Fire.’ I can't help dancing in my kitchen every time I play it. My family has been going through a ‘fire’ for several years (as many families do!) and your song is a great encouragement to me. Thanks for hanging in there, sharing your gifts of song and music, and many blessings to you in the future.
Connie K., via email 11/08

Enjoyed your Lincoln, NE show last weekend so much. You really warmed up to a fever pitch as the evening went on... more entertaining than many of the bands that played at our annual festival.
Bryce M., Lincoln NE 11/08

Sure wish we could go along on the Bell Buckle Cruise, but Tina and Lena will be working (playing) in Arizona the 19th thru that week in January. Maybe some other year. Monroe Crossing, your show was fantastic. How you could keep getting even better is beyond me. Your sound, your humor, your look (love Lisa's attire and the addition of period shoes for you guys), the 3-song curtain call. You were just awesome, to use an overused word, but no other fits. Thanks for a great night out. Hope our paths keep ‘Crossing.’
Sue E., Tina & Lena 10/08

Very much enjoyed your music. True Medicine!
Julie M., St Charles MN 09/08

Absolutely great tunes!
Bill & Kathy S., Sauk City WI 09/08

Fantastic show — just what we needed!
Tom & Peg T., La Crosse WI 09/08

Lisa - what an amazing voice!!!
Kari T., Fargo ND 09/08

My wife and I attended your show in Viroqua. It was great to see you and the group in the old theater. I was the guy wearing one of your ties, my wife in one of your t-shirts

Thanks to you Art, I always enjoy your guitar playing. Thanks to Matt for his ‘rain’ song, it is one of my favorites. Thanks to Benji for the great patriotic number Thanks to Lisa for singing "Jolene." Thanks to Mark, we enjoyed your "In The Jailhouse Now."

Looking forward to the next concert we can attend and your new CD. We greatly appreciate your music!

Stu & Sue S., Oshkosh WI 09/08

First, I’d like to say that I love your music. I have become a huge fan of yours. Listening to you puts me completely at ease and in awe of what beautiful music you make. Second, I am so sad to see that you aren’t scheduled to play at the Carlton County Fair this weekend. My father and I have made the fair our annual tradition and you have become a part of it over the years. You are the highlight of our trek to Barnum, MN. Last year, I secretly saw a tear run from my dad’s closed eyes as he was listening to Lisa sing a song a cappella. Knowing my father, this is a rare event. I know he and I could attend one of your concerts elsewhere, but the fair is a special place for us especially when you are there. Please consider playing at the Carlton County Fair next year. It would mean the world to my father and I. Just in case you do not have any control over this scheduling upset, I will write a similar message to the fair directors. Thank you for the music you bring to the world.
Jillian G., Duluth MN 08/08

What a treat to see you guys play on Sunday -- It was my favorite part of the whole (Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association) festival.
Bethany M., via email 08/08

We would like to thank you for the great performances at the MBOTMA Festival at El Rancho (Manana) in Richmond, MN. We would also like to express how much we enjoyed your participation in the showcase presentations. These are the highlights of the festival for us.
Ron & Sheryl G., via email 08/08

"Potters Field" was so respectful.
Corinne H., Cadott WI 08/08

Great music! Lisa is Tops!
Tom M., Duluth MN 08/08

Best entertainment we’ve seen in a long time. Thanks!
Buck & Rhonda T., Solon Springs WI 08/08

Great job guys! I’ll be playing your music on my radio shows in Knoxville!
Alex L., Jacksboro TN 08/08

My husband and I saw you perform in Bemidji in April. Not sure how my husband would do, as I’m the bluegrass Fan, I asked him at intermission what he thought. He said he must like it because he hadn’t stopped smiling since the performance began! I just bought “Somebody Like You” & “On the Road” for "Electric Blanket" and "Orange Blossom Special." What fantastic music!! No one does "Orange Blossom Special" like you...you are the best! Both CD’s beginning to end are great. During intermission and after your performance, I was so impressed by your mixing and visiting with your audience. Though I know you won’t remember meeting me, I met some of you. Thank you for more than a great show...a great memory. Bless you!
Colleen W., one of many in a sold out theater in Bemidji, MN 08/08

I do not seek out bluegrass performers. At least I didn't until I heard you at Dave and Marilyn's anniversary party this afternoon. Way to go. I love you 'live' – the constant movement takes getting used to, but it becomes a wonderful part of the whole show.
Jane E., Minneapolis MN 08/08

The Monroe Crossing debate. Interesting. Here is my take. Of all the qualities that make a top band, musicianship is just one of them, albeit the biggest thing, in my opinion. But as you say, it’s the whole package: personality, humor, variety, appearance, ability, drive. I can't think of any other band that has all of those elements to the degree that MC does. For most audiences, they are probably going to be the first choice of any bluegrass band. NOW, if playing ability is the ONLY requirement, there are some bands that would surpass them. One of them is the Grascals, which I just heard down at Terribles (Casino) a few weeks ago. I can honestly say that I have not heard better picking, collectively, from any band. They were inhuman. On the other hand, they had one guy that was basically the front man that did all of the talking and he was very personable, but they were not ‘electric’ in the same way as MC. It comes down to apples and oranges, and I like both. It doesn't have to be one or the other because they both have something to offer that maybe the other doesn't. Thankfully, there is a little of everything out there to enjoy.
Dave B., Indianola IA 07/08

We wanted to write and say a deep thank you for the huge part you played in creating what turned out to be an absolutely magical wedding day for us.

We also want to acknowledge you for being such lovely people to work with — right from the first moment we called and asked if you’d be willing to come play for us here at our farm.

For your willingness to listen, for your openness to accepting all kinds of special requests, for your unusually well organized administrative operation, and especially for the genuine warmth you showed throughout the day and evening, we are eternally grateful. And then there was the music! Holy cats — can you guys ever PLAY! And SING!

We really could not have asked for more. Our guests were absolutely blown away by your musical talent, flexibility, authenticity and style — and during the reception we heard from scores of folks who positively oozed compliments and appreciation for the terrific music. One question we kept hearing: “Where on earth did you find the band?”

Whether you guys were playing Bluegrass classics, jazz standards, classical quintet music or even “Never On Sunday” (which won us HUGE points with my Greek relatives, thank you!), you sounded absolutely terrific and your synergy as musicians was just amazing. “At Last,” “Moonglow,” “Old Fashioned Love,” “Angel Band” and that crazy Haydn march — you played everything we asked for and then some.

In fact, you did so many of my favorites, my only regret was that — as a busy bride — I didn’t have more time to just sit (or dance!) and take in the beautiful music. But even I have dozens of wonderful musical memories, which was a big part of what both Zack and I wanted to take away from our wedding day celebration.

Thank you again for making it happen for us. And thanks for the terrific CD: I’m listening to ‘Across the Blue Mountains’ as I write and it brings back the sweetest memories. Thanks for those, too! Warm regards and much appreciation from both of us.

Pilar G. & Zack J., Menomonie, WI 07/08

You guys were super and kicked off the Festival in a stellar fashion. Thanks so much for two excellent sets you played at the Hot Dish Music Festival II in Minneapolis at Lake Harriet United Methodist Church on July 13. The Gospel set was a perfect musical form of worship and the traditional set with some of Lisa's solos really captured the audience.

One of the highlights for me was the sudden appearance of a Minneapolis Police officer, who when we asked if there were any problems replied that everything was fine and ‘I just love bluegrass and was drawn in by the music.’ He stayed for most of the set.

Special thanks to Mark Anderson who generously allowed us to use some of your sound equipment and stayed to be of super help as we had lost our key sound person for the day. The Lord works in many ways and we are grateful. Best and thanks again.

Joe Kennedy, Hot Dish Music Festival 07/08

Greetings, Thanks for coming to Minocqua--I've heard nothing but positive comments about the show. I just wish everyone knew what they missed. Hopefully word will have spread so next time. Thanks again.
Woody Woodruff, Campanile Center for the Arts, Minocqua WI 07/08

This is a Thank You Note for your concert here. I don’t have enough descriptive words. We have received many phone call thank yous, in person thank yous, and written note thank yous. All appreciated the party & Monroe Crossing. Comments to mention a few for you: “Wow” “Blast” “Fun” “Great Music” “Super” “Wonderful” “A party to surpass the norms.” Thank you for 100% even though it was too hot. Thanks again – You All Made the Day a Blessing.
Maryann & Dick B., Chisago City MN 07/08

Lisa’s awesome!
Susan G., Oakton VA 06/08

4 stars
Terry S., Chevy Chase MD 06/08

Fantastic - couldn’t get my smile off!
Marilyn T., Garfield MN 06/08

Uplifting, energetic & spiritual...thank you.
Jessi L., Grand Junction CO 06/08

I really enjoyed your performance and workshop at Bean Blossom, IN. You were a refreshing break from the many all male ‘high and lonesome’ bands. Like Cherryholmes, you have your own style. We talked to Dwight Dillman and told him that you were the talk of the campground and lots of folks hoped you would be back next year. He said other people had mentioned your band with a big thumbs up. Hope to see you next June.
Dover Duo via email 06/08

Your band was and is AWESOME! I enjoyed your shows immensely. So happy you made it to Canton....did Fuller re-book? Hugs to all of you.
Brenda Burks, Red River Valley Bluegrass Association 06/08

Enjoy the trips to Canada this summer--should be nice up there in July and August. Take care, best wishes to you all. Keep up the great music. I love your group, each one of you are wonderful people for sure. God Bless.
Jesse M., Oklahoma via email 06/08

Wow! Please come back to Texas soon!
Beth W., Lindale TX 06/08

You made the 6 hour trip worthwhile. Loved you.
B W., Altus OK 06/08

Y’all are the Best!!! Can’t wait til next year - Hope y’all come back!
Dianne Z., Royce City, TX 06/08

You guys were awesome...I saw you perform at the Yeehaw Junction festival... you were all superb and your choice of music and songs were refreshing...I like more variety in music and you can certainly play it all. Thanks! PS, I love your CD I got at the fest with "AT LAST."
Carmen H., via email 05/08

Thanks for being so kind to us in Rogers Friday night. The trio was honored to be a part of your show. ou had a great performance and are a real inspiration to my girls. We hope to see you at the Mabel Tainter Theater in April.
Robert Johnson, Blessings Gospel Trio, Rogers MN 04/08

Just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your performances in Naperville. You were outstanding! I’ve seen you several times in the past, and I’ve always been impressed with your shows. I live in the Milwaukee area and photograph bluegrass bands, so I’m hoping to be able to catch you at a venue where I can do so with your band.
Mike M., Milwaukee WI 04/08

I would gladly travel North to see you guys again. Fantastic.
John M., Minooka IL 04/08

Thoroughly enjoying your music! Thank you for coming here.
Elaine C., Gilby ND 04/08

You are all awesome!
Vicki M. L., White Bear Lake MN 04/08

We recently went to our first bluegrass festival in La Paz near Parker AZ. Of all the groups we saw, yours is the one that stands out in our memory as most enjoyable and entertaining. We are Canadians and live on the west coast, so it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to see you there, but we’ll look forward to seeing you next year at Lake Havasu City!
Marv & Ede Y., Canada 03/08

We just returned from Naperville and were WOWED! We were first introduced to you last year and came specifically to see you. What a show! Your harmonies were so much tighter....your musicianship a pleasure to the ears! Thank you for your wonderful, entertaining, showmanship! (Can you see me waving my cell phone?) Love you!
Kathie & Greg G., Morton Grove, IL 03/08

I have played with bluegrass bands in Nashville, country bands all over New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and many places. But I have never seen a show like you people put on for us here in Thomasville, GA. I have seen a lot of shows in my life, and I have to say your show was the best I have ever seen. All of you are such talented people and how you work together is so beautiful. When Lisa kicked off "Uncle Pen," I knew she was a fiddle player. And I had the pleasure and honor of telling her that she was the best fiddle player I had ever heard — you all were so fantastic. I love and appreciate each one of you. May God bless you, and stay together. You are the talk of Thomasville. Hurry and come back.
Charles P., Boston GA 02/08

Your concert at First Lutheran in Aitkin, MN on Feb 9th was just as fun as the other times we've seen you perform! I never expected to be a groupie at this stage in my life but ever since you all walked onto the stage at a Talking Volumes Radio Show at the Fitzgerald a couple of years ago I have become an obsessed fan.
Joan L., Chaska MN 02/08

I have been blown away with Monroe crossing...never heard of you guys until one of my band's members showed up to practice last night with your "Live From Silver Dollar City" CD. Being a small time sound guy AND bluegrass musician the tonal quality of your bass is outstanding. Don't let me overlook that the entire recording has GREAT sound. If you folks ever find yourself getting near the southwest Alabama, Northwest Fl or Southern Mississippi region I would like to try and put together a show that could feature Monroe Crossing.
Ken M., Robertsdale AL 02/08

Thank you for letting me help at your merchandise table at your concert in Rogers, MN. I had such a fun time! The concert was wonderful and I enjoyed soaking in every aspect of how the band performed. Thank you so much for the complimentary ticket and also the CD (which is really fabulous).
Carol B., Rogers, MN 02/08

We just heard you all in Chaska today. Wonderful, enjoyable, a great time. Really fine Bluegrass. Thanks for a fun afternoon!
Deanna C., Chaska, MN 02/08

Great time. You sure light a fire.
Dawn R., Portage, WI 02/08

Art, I’ve written you before. I am a recreation therapist at the Minnesota Veteran’s Home in Hastings. I have taken vets to see Monroe Crossing twice now: your Bluegrass festival in 2007 and the concert in Hastings this past Saturday. Many of the vets here absolutely love your music and are spreading it to others. CD’s are being shared left and right and I often have requests to play them in a group I do called Music Appreciation (I get record attendance when I play your CD’s.)

I know you have kept in contact with a few of the guys here and I wanted you to know that it is much appreciated. Many of them have stated that corresponding with a great band such as yours makes them feel "normal." On behalf of the veterans, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

A couple of the residents have informed me that you’ll be playing at the VA in Minneapolis in December. I would appreciate it if you could keep me updated regarding that concert. Also, because we have limited funds, please let me know if there are discounted tickets available.

Again thanks for all you’ve done and please spread the word to your fellow band mates. For what it’s worth, I too love your music. It takes something extraordinary for me to volunteer to work on a Saturday night which is what I did last weekend to take the vets to hear you.

Katie Wrich, Minnesota Veteran’s Home, Hastings MN 02/08

My wife had never been a Bluegrass fan until she heard you in Thomasville in January at the Cultural Center. She is looking forward to your return in January 09. She has almost worn out the CD we bought ("Live From Silver Dollar City"). When you return in January 09, please include "Fox On The Run" in your program. Once again, we enjoyed your show tremendously and look forward to your return. God Bless and keep you all safe in your travels.
Bernard H., Thomasville AR 02/08

I recently went to see your group at the Thomasville Cultural Center. It was only the second time that I had been there, and I have lived in Thomasville for seven years. I hope that your group will come back soon at the cultural center. I especially liked it when your group included the brothers and let them play with y’all. I am sending a check for a CD, "Live From Silver Dollar City." I hope to see your group soon.
Sherry B., Thomasville AR 02/08

I saw you all at the Bethlehem United Methodist Church in Franklin, TN last night and really enjoyed your music. I am a real bluegrass fan and am taking banjo lessons, in hopes of someday being able to jam a little. Keep up the good music!
Ron P, Nashville TN 01/08

I just wanted to say that my wife & I really enjoyed the show at Grandpa’s Garage the other evening. That was one of the best we have seen you do and we have seen a few. Our relatives saw you for the first time and REALLY enjoyed the show. They WILL come again. We also enjoyed talking with Mark during the break. You guys are just great!
Gary E., Hastings, MN 12/07

Really enjoyed the show! Can’t wait till Benji’s solo CD.
Julianne C., Faribault MN 12/07

I had never heard of you until my brother took me to your concert in Austin a couple weeks ago at the Paramount. I was in awe. I also went to Mantorville. This time I took my husband, and now he is hooked. We grew up with a lot of music in our family and at all our get-togethers, the siblings play music. I have played your music at the nursing home where I work, and they love you too. You are the most entertaining group I have ever seen or heard. Keep on doing what you love to do--it shows and is felt in your concerts.
Debra B., Austin MN 11/07

I just saw you for the first time at the Pump House Friday night. You blew me away. Purchased 3 of your CDs and am absolutely thrilled. Thanks for coming to LaCrosse. You may have a new groupie whenever you’re in the area. Love, love, loved you all! Really loved Lisa---I was the one screaming after your solos. Made me almost want to retrieve my violin from the recesses of the closet. Thanks for a fantastic night of entertainment.
Carol M., LaCrosse WI 11/07

Dear Art and Gang: Minnesota Music Hall of Fame??? Bravo! Today, Minnesota. Tomorrow, the world! You guys are the greatest!
Andy l., St Peter MN 11/07

Thank you so much for the wonderful concert! You are as much fun to watch as you are to listen to--it is like you are doing a constant dance while you are performing. Thank you for sharing your talent! Congratulations on the Hall of Fame--you deserve it!
Jeanne E., Donnelly MN 10/07

Have seen you many times and love it more every time. Thanks for what you do & give.
Mike & Joan C., Faribault MN 10/07

Love your sound - and your "look."
Kris M., Hancock, MN 09/07

I forgot to mention you guys were dynamite at the Monroe Crossing/JD Crowe concert!
Reid D., Dassel-Cokato, MN 09/07

Once again a fabulous show in Tyler, Minnesota. More than worth the drive there. I swear we’re gonna wear out your CD’s.
Debbie K., Ocheyedan, IA 09/07

I just wanted to tell you my wife and I voted you the best in bluegrass. Hey, I even made 5 bucks off of Art for saying so at Grandma’s Alpine in Wilmot last weekend. But seriously, your group dynamics, stage presence and energy are truly incredible. It would be impossible not to have fun with you on stage. Thanks for entertaining all of us wannabe’s.
Doug & Venessa K., North Ridgeville, OH 09/07

I just want to say we saw you at Kendallville, IN, and really enjoyed your show. We purchased 5 of your CD’s and have played them a lot since we got them. You are all great entertainers and have a great stage presence. I sincerely hope we will see you all again soon.
Doug K., North Ridgeville, OH 09/07

Really enjoyed you and your group at the MN State Fair.
Dean N., Minnesota 09/07

I just wanted to say how very very much we enjoyed being with you all last weekend at (the Mt Morris Bluegrass) Jam Camp. What an absolutely fun forum! Someone at work asked me to describe it and I said, knowing the music they like, imagine Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young inviting you and 31 other people to spend a 3 day weekend with them up at this beautiful campground in Wisconsin so they could hang out with you and teach you a bunch of stuff! Very very COOL!
Bob & Sue C., Wautoma, WI 09/07

Hi Art. I enjoyed your performance at Illinois this weekend. Your professionalism is really apparent when compared with the other bluegrass bands. Tell Mark thanks for his kindness at the midnight jam. Your Pal, George.
George D., Berlin, WI 09/07

Rave reviews from Erhard...many folks from our neighboring church attended also. You were all in great form...excellent sound also. You just get better and better. Thanks for a great evening.
Paul & Judy H., Erhard, MN 09/07

Thank you for a most enjoyable evening. I don’t think I have ever seen interaction between performers and audience like that. Your version of "You Are My Flower" is more than passable. I would give it a 9. The harmonies, rhythm, melodies, and footwork were great.
Mike K., Mayville, ND 09/07

Sophisticated "classical" grass--great arrangements!
Oren B, Gardner, IL 09/07

Praying for you all! Thanks for sharing your gifts!
Peggy M., Howard Lake, MN 09/07

As Sherry’s (DePolis) backup musician, I just wanted to comment on last night’s appearance in Amery WI. I really appreciated your warm and friendly attitudes, and help with, not to mention use of, your sound system. My wife is not a diehard bluegrass fan but has seen many groups over the years including a trip to IBMA 2005. She said you are right up there with the best including Cherryholmes. I agreed. It is obvious you care about people which of course in the big picture is what it is about. So here’s wishing you the best...see you down the road.
Royce Sorensen, Chippewa Falls, WI 08/07

Dear Bluegrass Breakdown, Just a few words about the 32nd CBA Bluegrass Festival this past June and that is the pleasant surprise of hearing, meeting and speaking with new groups who have graced the festival. While it is always a pleasure to hear older bands who have been faithful attendees to the event, such as Rhonda Vincent, and of course, Del McCoury, the new and fresh groups always seem to give the festival a special thrill. Such bands as Claire Lynch Band and Monroe Crossing provided a great deal of new energy for the audience. It is equally engaging to have a whole talented family such as Cherryholmes show what spirit can be developed.
Sal C., Grass Valley CA 08/07

People around here are still buzzing about your show, and everyone really enjoyed it. Thanks again for coming out this way.
Sue W., Spring Valley, MN 08/07

Tie Guy — Love Your Music.
Larry & Diane T., Cloquet, MN 08/07

Hello Art (& all), Thanks so much for creating the St Croix Valley Bluegrass Festival!! My family and I thought that it was terrific! We very much appreciate the atmosphere (wholesome, family-friendly, truly joyful) and the obvious character and personal like-ability of the groups that played. This seems to have value beyond entertainment. I perceive this as an extension of Monroe Crossing itself. You guys are really a blessing!
Dave L., Roberts WI, via email 07/07

We had a wonderful, best ever, super duper time at the (St Croix Valley Bluegrass) festival on Saturday. You were great, as usual. Next to you, we REALLY enjoyed Pert' Near Sandstone. Hope you can always include them in every festival you are involved in. Wasn't the last Beatles tune the best??? Thanks for a great 6/30/07. I will always remember it as a great day on God's great earth. Wish I could make the Do North (Bluegrass Jam Camp) this year, but can't due to a family wedding. Blessings to you all.
Vicki A., Eden Prairie MN, via email 07/07

Art (and all), I am really glad I acted on the whim to proceed from the Bonnie Raitt concert in Hinckley last Friday night toward the Cities and Hastings (for the St Croix Valley Bluegrass Festival), instead of back home to Fargo. Lloyd LaPlant has asked me if I'd heard Joy Kills Sorrow yet, and after seeing their website, I really couldn't NOT make the effort to see them.

Knowing I would enjoy Monroe Crossing and Joy Kills Sorrow, I was also delighted to see how well organized things were, the quality of the music, and the wonderful surroundings for the Festival. To be sure, I'll be telling others (and already have) not to miss next year's event. Great job. I know it must have been a great deal of work.

I'm looking forward to learning some mando tips from Matt at your (DO NOrth Bluegrass Jam Camp) in Bemidji in a couple of weeks.

Again, kudos to all.

John T., Fargo ND 07/07

Not only are you a great band, but you are NICE! At the 2006 St Croix Bluegrass Festival, I was joking with Art as he was setting up the CD display, asking him who was gonna collect the $$. He said, "You are!" and handed me a stack of bills. He told me $15 each and 2 for ??. I was so shocked at his trusting me, that I overcharged those who purchased 2, and made an extra $5 on each one (about 4 CD's, I think). I felt so bad, knowing I couldn't track all the folks and give them back their $5. So, this year at the same festival, I told Art the story, and he asked me if he had given me a CD for helping last year, and I said no. So he offered me one on the spot. I didn't want to get somethin' for nothin,' so I said, "How about buy one, get one free?" He said "Works for me!" and he helped me choose 2. I already had one.

Now, for 5 reasons, I am going to eventually purchase ALL your CD's:

1) You are all so NICE! (I saw Matt at an I-Hop in Apple Valley and talked to him at his table.)
2) You dress up for your concerts (compare with Pert Near)
3) You sing cool Bible songs like the parable in Luke 16 and Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego! Keep that gospel music alive - the lyrics DO influence people. Thanks for keeping it clean!
4) You're from Minnesota!
5) No alcohol at the festivals - YEA!!!! That keeps it a family atmosphere. When I get my new cube at work, I'm going to display my Monroe Crossing bumper sticker.

I wish I could be in a band like you guys! Meanwhile, I'm PRACTICING, PRACTICING, PRACTICING, and I am in the Minnesota Mandolin Orchestra! Thanks, guys & gal, for being a great band and a great influence. Young eyes are watching!

Anne Y., a mandolin wannabe, Lakeville MN 07/07

I just wanted to say that we thoroughly enjoyed the 2nd Annual St Croix Bluegrass Festival. We were there last year too and this one was much better. We liked the bands and the way the turnout was so high. What a great crowd as compared to last year. You did a great job, Art! Glad to hear that it appears that it will be there again next year. I was the one that suggested Hobgoblin when it seemed like it may not be at Carpenter again. Carpenter (Nature Center) is a great spot and we look forward to next year.
Gary E., Hastings MN, via email 07/07

Wow!! Wow!! What a fantastic group you are. We were fortunate enough to hear you at the Aarestad 40th Anniversary celebration-now you have 2 more fans for life. Thank you for coming out to rural ND to play!! Also, thanks for patronizing our local thrift store (I'm on the board there). Best wishes to you all, for life and a most successful career. Sincerely,
the Gawronski's of Cooperstown, ND 07/07

Thanks for the great DO North (Bluegrass Jam Camp) weekend. I can't seem to get "I’ll Love Nobody But You" out of my head. I sang "Mother’s Not Dead" at my local jam the next evening. My favorite moments: watching Lisa sing "At Last," or Matt play lightening fast on the mandolin, or Mark swing his arm around 360 degrees and hit the bass on the beat or giving him a break on "Redwing," or Art stand out with his fancy clothes and big smile, or watch your new banjo player Benji moving to the beat. But the most fun was playing with Sara and getting to be nervous together on stage. What a rush! Thanks again.
Joan S., Wahkon MN 07/07

I was just introduced to your music and would like to say thank you for the beautiful rendition of "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow" from your "On The Road" CD. It is a very touching piece. I recently lost my son and I could almost hear him in your song. Thank you.
John O., via email 07/07

Howdy Folks-I loved your band so-O much I had to have a CD & I’m buyin' the one called "Somebody Like You." Thank you. Oh, the money is in this envelope. PS, Some real nice folks wanted a CD and stopped by (and they wanted your complementary CDs so I told them to help themselves ha ha...)
Sandi P., Kendalville IN 06/07

Thanks so much for shipping the CD for me. We enjoyed your show here so much and hope you will come back to Pocahontas sometime.
Margaret C., Pocahontas AR 06/07

Loved all four of your shows - will talk to Dwight Dillman at Bean (Blossom) about you!!!
Larry H., Indianapolis IN 06/07

Seen you on "Midwest Country" Show on RFD-TV!
Kevin G., Ossian IN 06/07

GREAT!!! - Hope to see you in Tulsa OK.
Melissa P., Bartlesville OK 06/07

Hey, great shows at (CBA Father's Day Festival at) Grass Valley! Love how you mix in rock, blues, cultural (Zorbra the Greek) sounds.. into the bluegrass mix ... had a blast jamming with you out in the campground late last night/early today! Thanks ... I think they had your group as "best new emerging artist" for Grass Valley this year... excellent sound!
Matthew C., via email 06/07

...All I know is the Etta James classic "At Last" with Monroe Crossing's vocal rendition echoing through the pines at Grass Valley will stay with me for a while to come...Awesome stuff...
Andy G., CBA Message Board 06/07

...Almost every band at the (CBA Father’s Day) festival seemed to be having a great time--as you'd watch you'd see Dale Ann Bradley smile at Ramona Church or the members of Monroe Crossing looking like cats feasting on a particularly tasty canary.
George M., CBA Message Board 06/07

...Monroe Crossing was also excellent ... bringing rock, blues, jazz, world-folk and traditional grass...plus they jammed out for many hours with us jammers late on Saturday night into Sunday a.m.
Matt C., CBA Message Board 06/07

Say Hi to the bass player. We met under the tree in the back of the California Festival in Grass Valley after they played late at night. I had dialysis in Cass Lake last summer in Minnesota. We told our family about you all that live back in Minnesota. Hope to see you again in Grass Valley.
Jim & Carole, San Jose CA, via email 06/07

Just wanted to say how much I appreciated the jam session Saturday night at the Grass Valley Festival. I am the guy with Parkinson's who was playing the nylon string guitar that knew "My Girl." Years ago (1968) I played it in a rock group. Can't begin to tell you how much fun that was and how it did my heart good. I had missed the evening show and had no idea you had done that number or who I was playing with in the jam. You see I am new to bluegrass music and not familiar with any of the bands. Had I known your band was at the jam, I would have put my guitar down and just listened. Anyway, thanks again for bringing a smile to my heart and allowing me to jam with you.
Bob K., Galt CA, via email 06/07

Hey great shows at Grass Valley! Love how you mix in rock, blues, cultural ("Zorba the Greek") sounds into the bluegrass mix. I had a blast jamming with you out in the campground late last night/early today! Thanks ... I think they had your group as "best new emerging artist" for Grass Valley this year... excellent sound!
Matt, via email 06/07

First let me say that I really enjoy traditional Bluegrass music. But I was one of the many in the audience that gave Monroe Crossing a standing ovation after they finished the Etta James song. I went to buy the CD right after their set but didn’t think they I would get one because of everyone else in front of me wanting one.

Do they play strictly traditional Bluegrass? No, but I enjoyed listing to them. For me the difference in enjoying listing to Monroe Crossing and my ambivalence to the Greencards is that I can hear the Bluegrass influence in Monroe Crossing's songs even when they didn’t play traditional songs, i.e. My Girl. I really didn’t get that same since from the Greencards, although I enjoyed watching their mandolin player.

I just wanted to give my 2 cents that I am glad Monroe Crossing was there and I hope the CBA continues to include a few groups that are not the same old ones that play their same songs all the time. Although I enjoy listing to the more popular acts, sometimes variety is a nice change also.

Dennis S., CBA Message Board 06/07

Monroe Crossing works diligently to add some new flavor to Bluegrass. They bring you into their music and it is a joy to hear. They connect well with the audience and are just "real nice, talented people". I understand they'll be at Parker (AZ)to entertain us some more. Yeah!! Make a point to visit with them. They will also be on a cruise with many great bands...check it out...www.MonroeCrossing.com
Pat C., CBA Message Board 06/07

I really enjoyed Monroe Crossing as well!
Bruce C., CBA Message Board 06/07

"Never on Sunday" done Bluegrassy just ROCKED!
Regina B., CBA Message Board 06/07

Monroe Crossing was my personal "highlight" of the (CBA Father's Day at Grass Valley) festival. There were many reasons for this.

First, they were a band I hadn't seen before.
Second, I LOVED their "vintage 40's" style of dress
Third, they were so much fun and entertaining. I loved watching the bouncing bass player.
Fourth, they did great bluegrass but didn't stay in one groove but stretched and made their show a "show"!
Fifth, they were all so very accomplished on their instruments (plus) as well as their vocals.
Sixth, they obviously spent a lot of time on their arrangements and executed them beautifully. If you really listened, there were such subtle intricate play between them.
Seventh, was the very nice dance I had backstage with the guitar player, Art Blackburn.

I'm sold and can't wait to get to see them again!

Diana D., CBA Message Board 06/07

My wife and I both enjoyed Monroe Crossing and we also bought one of their CDs. Why do I go to the Bluegrass Festival? To be entertained, to enjoy good music, good musicians, to have fun. Monroe Crossing certainly contributed to that. I also liked the Claire Lynch Band and Dale Ann Bradley. Such great voices, such excellent musicianship. I think the delicate mix of styles, like swing, blues, gospel and other styles is what makes it interesting and not boring. I was very much entertained this year and I think the CBA was able to present a great lineup this year. Just my 2 cents. Thank you CBA.
Andreas M., CBA Message Board 06/07

And can you believe it? --they actually jammed with mere mortals! On one night they jammed with festival goers late late into the night in the middle of the road. The music was fast, tight, light, soaring, moving from fiddle tune to jazzy vocal to hard core BG. I'll never forget it. I'm sure they gained many more fans that night than just me. I have five of their CDs and want to get the rest!
Laura, CBA Message Board 06/07

Y’all stole the show. Just great.
Gene R., Grass Valley CA 06/07

Great performance!
Jean S., Placerville CA 06/07

"Jolene" & "Fox On The Run" are my requests for your next album.
Judy J., Yuba City CA 06/07

You folks are great!!
Bill S., Faribault MN 06/07

Hi Matt - I'm not sure how to email the whole group so I thought I'd drop you a line and you could forward as you see fit. First off...CONGRATS to you, Art, Lisa, Mark and Benji on the wonderful news about being inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. Since Monroe Crossing and Prince will both be inducted, you might see about getting the rights to Little Red Corvette and making it a bluegrass sensation! And if that wasn't enough, being part of the International Bluegrass Music Association's showcase is just wonderful. All these great things couldn't have happened to a group of more talented, dedicated and deserving individuals.

Matt, you may remember my mother (Carol) and I met you and your lovely wife on the bluegrass cruise and found out we were neighbors. Small world. We had an absolute blast on the cruise and felt so very blessed to have an opportunity to hear Monroe Crossing play multiple times. We get to as many concerts as we can and have converted most of our family into Monroe Crossing "groupies." We're really looking forward to seeing you all in June for the St. Croix Valley Bluegrass Festival. I just want to let you know how refreshing it is to listen to music that comes from the heart and flows out to the audience. All of you are so gifted and your talents are inspiring. So inspiring in fact that I'm saving up to buy a guitar so if Art ever needs a backup, I'm there! Seriously, all the best to you and the band. Take care and thanks for the great music.

Becky K., Rosemount MN 05/07

Congratulations! We're so proud of you all. You are--and always have been--our favorite friends & musicians. Its about time the rest of the world realized your greatness. Keep up the good work guys. We Love you.
Janet K., Menasha WI 05/07

Congratulations. I love your new CD. Can't wait 'til I can attend another concert. Is there a Bluegrass Festival in Minnesota in June?
Julie A., Amery WI 05/07

Art & band, you played at our wedding at Baylor Park north of Norwood Young America in "The Barn," Oct. 2, 2004. If you remember, you serenaded everyone on the deck before we had our outside ceremony, then inside the barn during our reception. We fed you well before you had to leave! Ha, ha. We were and still are very proud to show the pictures of our wedding where the band is playing, and tell people that Monroe Crossing played at our wedding. We have all of your CDs and go to as many bluegrass concerts as possible, happy when you are playing. Success doesn't come without struggle, and everyone knows you've worked hard and sacrificed to be where you are. Please show this to everyone in the band; Mark, Lisa, Matt, Benji and Art, congratulations on your soaring success! Keep your clothes pressed and your shoes shined!
Kent & Connie P., Victoria MN 05/07

Extraordinary performance!
Anne T., Cincinnati OH 05/07

Great stuff!
Jim & Carol B., Cincinnati OH 05/07

Congrats! And...you are correct, "Into The Fire" is excellent.
Bill O., Commerce TX 05/07

Just wanted to drop you a short note and again express our thanks for having Singleton Street open the Montgomery show for you. It was both an honor and a pleasure working with all of you and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future. Please let the rest of the band know how much we enjoyed performing with you all and thanks for the unexpected pleasure of performing the final song of the evening with you! You all are truly a class act! If we can ever be of service please let us know! Take care and thanks again!
James Newkirk, Singleton Street 04/07

Dear Monroe Crossing. Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed your (Montgomery) concert last night. It was better than ever! Singleton Street was great too. We are looking forward to your next concert we can attend.
Joan M., St Peter MN 04/07

Dear Monroe Crossing: I’m thrilled that you had some time to yourselves, BUT if you weren’t so damn good, maybe you’d get more time off. We love you guys and can’t wait til July 4, 5, & possibly the 8th, to see you guys....WE LOVE YOU!! Thanks, In Memory of Dad.
Debbie K., Ocheyedan IA 04/07

As my wife and I are brand new bluegrass converts so you can only imagine our expression when we walked into the normally sedate Naperville Select Holiday Inn. I’ve been a musician most of my life, and I’ve never seen the like; I was totally blown away! Huddles of folks everywhere just playing acoustic music; it was great! Monroe Crossing found an extra special place in our hearts. Just thought you’d like to know (bought two CDs). We’ll see you guys again whenever we can; here, there or in the air!
Bob C., Plainfield IL 04/07

Haven’t had a chance to e-mail you until now, but just wanted to say we really enjoyed your performance at the Ralph Engelstad Arena on March 30!! We’re really looking forward to having Monroe Crossing come to the Marshall County Fair on July 27th. We’re hoping the turnout will be great now that you‘ve been in the area a few different times this year. Once again, thanks for a great evening of entertainment!
Jason Rominski, Marshall County Fair Board, Marshall MN 04/07

I saw Monroe Crossing for the first time in Jamestown a little over a week ago and I thoroughly enjoyed your concert. You guys are really great! The workshop was a lot of fun as well. I’m looking forward to catching you again sometime soon. Your CDs are definitely keepers.
Art T., Jamestown ND 04/07

I have to confess - I didn’t think they played bluegrass in Minnesota. But you sure proved me wrong. We loved your show at the Mountain View Ozark Folk Center. Great musicians, great music. Loved all of it. Hope we will be seeing more of Monroe Crossing here in the South - especially here in Arkansas.
Pat M., Beuton AR 04/07

I went to see you guys in Portage, WI a few weeks ago and of course we were not disappointed in your show....My wife and I brought another couple along to watch your show (this is the first time they had seen Monroe Crossing) and they couldn’t believe the energy in the performance. I am looking forward to the "Mt. Morris" jam camp this year in August. Now if I would only get off my butt and practice what you showed us last year. Thanks again for the updates and a great concert.
Dale S., Wautoma WI 04/07

You guys are great! I loved your show. You interacted so well with the crowd.
Christen L., Ames IA 03/07

Would love the published score of the Gloria from the Bluegrass Mass! What a magical evening that was!
Suzanne S., Minnetonka MN 03/07

You folks were wonderful. Lisa has an absolutely beautiful voice.
Maxine J., Fifty Six AR 03/07

My parents saw the group last week in Arkansas and my dear father wanted a CD but apparently the line was miles long. So I have purchased him one on-line and would like it sent directly to him. He says they are the best bluegrass he has heard in his 73+ years, and he has heard a lot!
Pam T., via email 03/07

I absolutely love your "Into The Fire" CD I picked up from Art at the Winter Weekend. As you guys know, I love gospel bluegrass, and this recording is now at the top of my list! (P.S., "Into the Fire" and "He Did Rise" are my favorites).
Brad Alzen, Alzen Family Band, Roberts WI 03/07

The next morning, the local radio station KGHS 104.1 FM played "Oak Grove Church" from the "Into The Fire" CD. The morning announcer also talked about what a great show it had been. We have had many people comment on the concert, saying things like, "I wasn’t a bluegrass fan, but after listening to Monroe Crossing I want to hear more," "What a fun, great group of musicians," "Great show," and "If they played again tomorrow I would go again." Again, thank you for spreading the love of bluegrass music by letting us open your show and as always when we play, it was another memorable family event for us. Happy trails.
Soren & The Sloughgrass Family Band, Birchdale MN 03/07

Y’all come South more often, please! :-)”
Mandy D., Tucker GA 02/07

The whole family enjoyed your concert over in Grand Rapids! And my daughter, had the most to say about you (Art) and Mark, I don’t know why!?! She said, "Mom, he’s the best dressed guy, but he says in that one song, that he’s not rich and in another song he says he doesn’t have a mansion." And her favorite song is "My Girl." She said, "They all clapped when he went up real high." We really like you newest CD, "Into the Fire." It’s good to hear good Christian music! Thanks for your great music!
Holly E., Bemidji MN 02/07

Hi, Monroe Crossing! Remember us?
Thanks for raising money for our Tsunami Relief efforts. It made a big difference. We built about 640 fishing boats for surviving fishermen in Thailand. And, in Sri Lanka, we're continuing to work with both tsunami survivors and survivors of the ongoing conflict in that country.
Thanks again for your help with the "FRIENDSHIP'S ROAD" CD and everything!

Hi Art. Just received my MBOTMA magazine and read the full page about Monroe Crossing - great to hear that you’re doing real well and will continue to promote great bluegrass music. I’ve been to lots of festivals to the point where some bands are OK and some are very entertaining. Monroe Crossing is very entertaining because you guys all show that you’re enjoying what you are doing, like Laurie Lewis, Rarely Herd, Claire Lynch, The Wilders. So keep up the great entertainment. Glad to see the St. Croix Valley Bluegrass Festival will continue - it’s a beautiful place for a festival.
Roger V., Zimmerman MN 11/06

I really groove on your music–and hats!
Deb M., Virginia MN 11/06

We lived in SW Minnesota for a while, and have attended MBOTMA Bluegrass Festivals before (Camp in the Woods). Your performance was absolutely excellent. Thanx!!!
Rik E., Rockford IL 10/06

Great Sound! Listen (to you) on the Bluegrass Saturday Morning Show.
Al L., Chaska MN 08/06

Hi Mark! Boy did YOU & the rest of Monroe Crossing get my boy (Carl) or we call him "Rueb" excited. He was the boy that plays guitar & was with his uncle Soren Olsen (the guy with the Danish accent) at your workshop ("DO North" Bluegrass Camp) this last weekend in Bemidji. He really enjoyed your performance & said you guys were the best he heard! Yep! You guys have a new fan. I just want to say thank you and appreciate the new inspiration and motivation he came home with. As any father... I'm very proud of him! Well Mark here it is....YOU are to blame! He wants to learn how to play Bass now, along with guitar! Boy, you know how to keep his father hopping! Mark... we.. his parents & our family band "Sloughgrass" sincerely want to thank you and your band for the time you made for the workshop weekend & the opportunity and inspiration you gave Carl. I'm going to be broke.... Ha Ha! but happy that Carl is cranked up & maybe I should try to learn it also... Thanks again!
Dave & Christine H., via email 06/06

Art, Just wanted to tell you I was able to make it to the concert last night and as always it was GREAT. Was so nice to see your new banjo man. I brought my 24-year-old daughter with and we had the best time and even though her age loves that rap stuff, she truly enjoyed listening to all of you. When Lisa sang “At Last” and then when you all sang “I Am a Man Of Constant Sorrow,” she was hooked. I'm hoping to get a request in for “Oh Katie,” I know that's not the official name but that's how I remember it, at one of the next concerts, hopefully Hastings. Thanks for keeping us so wonderfully entertained, please don't ever stop! Be safe in all your travels this summer and book more shows around Elk River! Thanks again for being such a great group, you are the BEST!!
Debbie W., Elk River MN 06/06

You are so fun! Thanks for a great day!
Dave L., Roberts WI 06/06

Hi guys! My name is Haley and I'm 17 years old. I love music and I've been singing since I was 4. I've grown up around country music. The reason I'm e-mailing you is I just saw you all on Midwest Country on RFD TV! I was amazed at the talent that was shown in just the few minutes I saw. I was blown away by not only the singing but the quality of musicianship. It's obvious that all you guys love what you do. Just thought I would let you know I enjoyed it!
Haley, via email 05/06

Mark (and all of Monroe Crossing), Hi. I searched your web site and could not find a "Contact Us" selection. So, I just wanted to let you know that I saw Monroe Crossing on a segment of Midwest Country Music, on RFD TV about two weeks ago. You performed three songs and your rendition of "Rocky Road Blues" just blew me away. You folks are just amazing. From your bio's on your web site, I can see that all of you are very talented. But your music transcends talent. It is quite obvious you folks love to play, sing, and perform. Well, I just wanted to let you know that you have a new fan. I just ordered one of your CDs and plan on purchasing more. Keep up the good work.
Lou S., Glenmoore PA 05/06

Enjoyed your music very much–my break is over–gotta go.
Loretta M., Silver Dollar City employee, Branson MO 05/06

You guys have great energy! Keep it up!
Abby F., Minneapolis MN 03/06

Thanks, Art, I received my Christmas CD and am enjoying it very much. Merry Christmas to you and the group.
Charlie Pitts, Concerts at the Dam, Coon Rapids MN 12/05

I have been thoroughly enjoying the Christmas release and I am gifting the other one I purchased. I also really like the "Somebody Like You" collection. Thanks for your work.
Amy Hunter, Staples Motley Area Arts Council, Staples MN 12/05

Great!!! Come Back to Arkansas!!!
Floyd D.,Walnut Ridge AR 11/05

Wow-completely professional, a true escape for the audience.
Lloyd & Ruth G., Mankato MN 10/05

Dear Monroe Crossing, thanks so much for the wonderful concert at Marshall's Liberty Park last month. Three-year-old Noah enjoyed the entire evening and has asked many times since about going back to see the music in the park. Keep up the good work!
Barb S. Via email 09/05

I'm so glad I checked your website and found out that your new CD has been released. "At Last" was such a hit at our "barn" wedding last fall that I'll have to be sure and include your website in my Christmas letter. I'd be surprised if it didn't get some orders for you. Thanks for recording one that's not your traditional bluegrass. We didn't record the wedding and this was the only way I would ever be able to listen to this whenever I wanted. I make it sound like you recorded this just for me!!!! Even though you probably didn't, thanks anyway.
Connie P Via Email 07/05

We (wife, son, grandparents, and myself) saw you perform at Silver Dollar City on June 3, 2005 and we all thoroughly enjoyed both of the performances that we attended. I also want to thank you for taking the time to talk to my son about playing the bass. He currently plays drums and piano and is always looking to expand musically. Hopefully we will see you at Silver Dollar City again next year at the Bluegrass and BBQ festival.
Michael C., Carbondale IL 06/05

Really great! I played it over and over!

Hi, caught your performance at the Ozark Folk Festival this last weekend. Your voice has a special quality and loved your fiddle skills on "Nail That Catfish To A Tree." I've tried to play the tune on my concertina but haven't mastered it.
Linda via Email 04/05

I heard you for the first time March 5, 2005 on television here in Des Moines, Iowa. Though I cannot confess to be a big fan of country and bluegrass music I was very impressed with you and your group! I found my feet tapping the entire time and I found Art's guitar playing to be exceptional! I will look forward to hearing you or seeing you again! Keep up the good work!!
D. Austin, via Email 03/05

Ah, the linkages of the internet! I have a bluegrass buddy whose friend suggested that she try singing "This Morning at Nine," and she tracked down the song on your site. She listened to the "Green Mossy Ground" clips and suggested I listen to see if we wanted to learn the title song. I thought it sounded great, and wondered what else you do. Being a former Minnesotan myself, maybe I'll run across you all somewhere when I visit my mother in Fergus Falls. Or maybe you'll get to Colorado or Utah in the future. Your music sounds great, and I'm looking forward to hearing more!
Gayle M., Colorado, via email 03/05

We love you guys! (My mom, Teresa and I).
Korrina O., East Bethel MN 03/05

Fabulous band!
Jim & Gail B., Plymouth MN 03/05

Just wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed ya'll last Saturday night in Montgomery. I guess this is the forth time I heard MC but it was the best so far. Jeff is outstanding (first concert I've heard with him). That was some of the smoothest banjo pickin and filling of holes I have ever heard. I never thought I would hear a banjo sweet enough to play "How Great Thou Art"
My daughter was there and she has a high (#1) soprano voice. When you were introducing "At Last," I told her to prepare for a great rendition and she was really very impressed. She would come up to "Do North" to do the harmony classes with Lisa but she is getting married the weekend just before. I'm looking forward to "Do North" myself though. Keep up the good work. God Bless, John.
John H., via email 02/05

I like Del & Open Road as bands, Ricky Skaggs has a good voice and so does Tim O'Brien. That's where I'm coming from. Lisa has a great voice; she can sing like Alison Krauss or Gillian Welch and that is SOMETHING, and Monroe Crossing ranks right with Del and Open Road as one of my favorite (and in my opinion one of the best) working bluegrass bands right now. I got "On The Road" for Christmas, and that Orange Blossom Special... what a present, thanks guys! Come see us at the Old Settlers Music Fest sometime!
Bob B., Austin TX 01/05

Thanks for being so uplifting and beautiful!
Gretchen A., Stevens Point WI 01/05

You guys are EXCELLENT.
Mike W., Spring Valley WI 01/05

Wonderful!! Please come back to Grand Forks.
Kristen B., Grand Forks ND 12/04

Fantastic, Awesome. Let me know when the Christmas CD is available.
Richard S., Hutchinson MN 12/04

Thanks for a great concert at St. George's church on Sunday evening. I treated myself to the concert as a birthday present and I truly enjoyed myself.
Herb L., St Louis Park MN 12/04

Stew T., via email 12/04

Dear Art & Monroe Crossing,
Last time I heard you guys was at the Festival Theatre in St. Croix Falls. Man, you all were in top form, every note in place and y'all were just smoking. I've heard you many times, but never better than that night. The good acoustics in that little old theatre had something to do with it. Too bad you didn't record the evening.
Bruce T., Dresser WI 11/04

Carolyn R., Rochester MN 11/04

High Energy!
Monica W., Twin Valley MN 10/04

Wanted to thank you and the band for a great concert in Mahtomedi on friday evening. Everyone attending had a great time. There was fabulous energy in the auditorium and everyone seemed pumped up as they walked to the parking lot. What great attendance too! You all sure do a great job of performing and entertaining. Hope to see you soon!
Marla H., via email 10/04

Superb performance tonight at the Chautauqua Fine Arts Center! We had 2-plus hours worth of continuous smiles on our faces! Lisa, you must find a way to include "At Last" in one of the groups upcoming CDs. Frankly, I find your rendition more touching than Etta James', and just too wonderful not to be recorded. Perhaps the group could do an album of what you call on stage, special requests. It would most certainly fit into that framework. We "discovered" you at the State Fair; we look forward to seeing you as often as we can!!
Marcia M., New Hope MN 10/04

Thanks for the great show.
Nora A., Detroit Lakes MN 10/04

Your show is incredibly fabulous and your presence is so warm and fun. Each person has a persona of their own and is a total gift to us. Lisa's smile, Mark's bounce, Matt's emcee excellence, Art's incredible appeal of rhythmic moves and Graham's shy way add to the perfection of the show. I will be a total fan forever. Oh yeah, the warmth of your mingling with the fans is the topper. Thank you again.
Darlene C., Virginia MN 09/04

Thank you again for your great music!!!!!
Richard & Annette E., New Prague MN 09/04

We saw you at the MN State Fair, and will listen to you at the Washington County Bluegrass Festival, and would like receive your newsletter. You are a great sounding group. THANKS for your music.
Carl & Ann J., via email 09/04

Hey there, I saw you guys in St Croix Falls this last Saturday and it was amazing! If you couldn't tell, I think the whole theatre was really into it. I live in Minneapolis and grew up (in St Croix Falls) and went with my whole family (parents, brother, grandfather)--they loved you too. Anyway thanks for the great music hopefully see you guys soon!
DeAnn S., via email 09/04

So enjoyed having you at North Heights Lutheran church last Sunday. Your music is just wonderful. You all are so multi-talented! We sure had a good time, didn't we? Someone was unable to make it to church that Sunday and I would like to know where I could get another of your "Then Sings My Soul" CDs. I hope you continue to sing gospel songs and make more CDs. Thanks again, and God Bless You All.
Diane, via email 09/04

Your show in Pipestoe was great last night....I am not typically a Bluegrass person but really enjoyed your entertainment last night....You all were part of your instruments. Glad you came to our town.
Linda T., via email 09/04

I just returned from Calvary Lutheran in Golden Valley. I really appreciated your music and leadership of the service.
Tim T., Maple Grove MN 08/04

I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed (everyone enjoyed) your playing at Calvary this morning. It was just the best. Your band is just the best.
Emeline P., New Hope MN 08/04

I caught your set Saturday afternoon and it was foot stomping fun. When I returned to our camp site I asked Ron and Peggy if they had been up to see the same. They had and said they thought Monroe Crossing was getting better every time they heard you. I pulled out the new CD and we put it on while having a cocktail. Al and Deb returned to the camp site and asked who it was we were listening to. To shorten up the story, they all bought the new CD while at the (MN Bluegrass) festival.
Tom M., Plymouth MN 08/04

Your latest CD, "On The Road" is absolutely wonderful. Thanks. I've enclosed $15.00 for another copy to be sent to two of my grandchildren who are members of a budding bluegrass band in Waitsburg Washington... They call themselves the Blue Mountain Troublemakers so I already sent them a copy of your first CD ("Across the Blue Mountains").
Doug A., Rochester MN 08/04

We'd love to have you come to our church! Thanks for your wonderful musical spirits.
Nancy W., Chippewa Falls WI 08/04

Great showcase on (song) arranging!
Beth Y., Minnetonka MN 08/04

We truly enjoy your group and the resulting music. Wish you would return to our area in the near future
Joe & Carol K., Stoughton WI 08/04

Hi all. Your latest CD "On The Road" is excellent. Was a treat to hear you again at the MBOTMA festival as well. "On The Road" is the best of the CDs that you all have put out so far. Not meaning to denigrate your other recordings (which are all good too), but there is something different about this one, and it isn't just the applause in the background, or the bus on the front cover! I've been having a lot of fun picking along with it. My favorite on the CD is "Friendship's Road." There is a power in that song that really comes through, and I only wish I had been at the concert you all put on where that was performed with the choral group in Red Wing. A guy could close his eyes, get lost in that tune, and never come out. A musical prayer, if I ever heard one.
David M., Duluth MN 08/04

You should be on "A Prairie Home Companion." You're great!
Dick H., Osseo MN 08/04

Really enjoyed your group. Great music.
Bernita F., Bismarck ND 07/04

You made a fan out of me. Thanks for the "Frog" song.
Phil E., Gladstone ND 07/04

You folks are terrific! Look forward to seeing you in the future!
Allan B., Bismarck ND 07/04

Yep, the ("On The Road") CD arrived in this morning's mail. We have all of your CDs, but this is the best one yet. Congrats!! Bea asked me to tell you she thinks Lisa is right up there with Alison Krauss. We both think she is a terrifically talented lady, and we love to hear her perform. Of course, as a dobro player and five-string picker, I think Graham is terrific. In short, individually you are all great and collectively you can't be beat. Thanks again for the great CD. We haven't turned it off since it arrived.
Jim & Bea N., Nisswa MN 07/04

Hello You All (ha). I was at Otto, Arkansas, Lester Flatt Park. I have been going there for 22 years... I want to say I really did enjoy hearing you all this year. You put on a great show and love the twin fiddles. Best wishes and thank you. Looking forward to hearing the new CD.
Mary Ellen W., Broken Arrow OK 07/04

Got the ("On The Road") CD today; it's great. You guys get better every year.
Bob & Peggy C., Blanchardville WI 07/04

Just a note to let you know I stumbled onto your site from Jon Garon's (My Favorite Guitars) website and have thoroughly been enjoying listening to your "On The Road" album. Your flatpicking is fantastic and I'm enjoying it immensely! Thank you again for your great music.
Jeff M., via email 07/04

Don and I had the best time hearing you all entertain. It was terrific! Thanks for emailing me about your new CD. I can't wait to hear it.
Carolyn J., Los Angeles CA 07/04

Hey I heard one of your recordings online on blugrasscountry.org! As I was listening I thought that it sounded just like one of your arrangements. Hopefully I'll catch more. By the way, I enjoyed "Do North" (Bluegrass Jam Camp)...
Kevin A., Luverne MN 07/04

We have just arrived home and I wanted to thank you for all your kindness given to Bea. She loved your playing for her. Needless to say it was the high point of her weekend. The ("Do North") camp was great, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves the music. I took Mark's bass classes, and he did a really fine job of imparting a lot of information to a group with really diverse skills and experience. It was great. A special thanks to you from both Bea and me.
Jim & Bea N., Nisswa MN 07/04

Thanks for playing my request ("Patience") on Sat. night, it is one of my favorites. And again thanks for jamming Friday night. It means a lot to us ("Do North") students when you do that. I was at last year's MBOTMA camp also, and have found that you guys have stepped it up a bit and did a great job teaching. I play mandolin and thought Matt did a good job with the range of talent he had. Talking with others, they said you did an outstanding job in class. Thanks Art for doing a great job promoting bluegrass music. Good luck, see you at El Rancho. God Bless.
Rory E., Cambridge MN 07/04

Thanks for sending the CD. I was able to get in on the workshop on Saturday at Washburn and got about 20 minutes with Lisa, whom I think is great. At 49 years old, I started violin last year and your performances made me go home and practice even harder...You guys were so professional and made me want to attain about 1/100 of that. Can't wait to get your gospel CD and will also order the others soon. P.S., My husband's mom (89 years old) had a rummage sale this weekend and there were some ties. Thought of you guys. Oh yes, hope you enjoyed Medora; it's a lot of history and beautiful country.
Cheryl O., Williston ND 07/04

Thanks again for a great "Do North" instructional camp! Having spent years Sales, Marketing, Retail management, Project management, and Info. Tech., I have been sent to many instructional seminars for personal and professional growth. There are very good ones and bad ones. Compared with these skillbuilding seminars, your skillbuilding camps rank among the best of the best. Keep it up.
Earl J., Golden Valley MN 07/04

Hello, got your CD "Green Mossy Ground" and it's a very fine CD. Wonderful music.
Hubert T., Hamm, Germany 07/04

Thanks for the response--looking forward to the CD. We caught your shows at the bluegrass festival in Washburn (ND) and enjoyed them lots! Missed the one in Clifford, though...I'm sure it was wonderful. My sister Ginny had lots of good things to say about the guitar camp you instructed, too.
Carolyn A., Cooperstown ND 07/04

Another great concert by your group at the U of M this noon! Thanks and keep up the wonderful work.
Dwight B., Minneapolis MN 07/04

I learned a great deal this past weekend at the "Do North" Bluegrass Jam Camp, and am inspired to incorporate what I learned from your teachings into my practice sessions. It was very nice meeting you and your wife, and the other members of Monroe Crossing. Garey and I truly enjoyed everything about this weekend. Thanks again!
Dianne Z.G., via email 07/04

I just wanted to thank you for all your help and advice at the "Do North" camp, I really had a ball of a time. It was great getting to know all of you from other than an admiring audience, you all were a cool bunch of people to get to know. Thanks again and happy pickin'.
John H., Montgomery MN 07/04

Hi Monroe Crossing Gang! It's now Tuesday, and we are going through Bluegrass Festival Withdrawal Syndrome. You folks made this past weekend at the Cross Ranch Missouri River Bluegrass Festival so memorable and enjoyable. You are all incredible musicians with awesome talent, we could have listened to you till all hours of the morning. We'd like to thank you for traveling so far to ND to share your music with us. We were very blessed to have you part of our festival, and I hope we can look forward to seeing you in upcoming performances out here. I'd like to extend a special thank you to Mark for sharing your incredible skills on the Bass and your humorous, but practical approach to Bass instruction. I have learned to so much, and can't wait to put these skills to practice. You have an incredible talent, and I feel very fortunate to have learned from one of the best! We especially enjoyed visiting one-on-one with each of you. You are all very kind, warm and down-to-earth musicians who took the time to talk to their fans. I noted this comment from many folks who attended the festival, and it was greatly appreciated. You were loved by all. Warms wishes sent your way from North Dakota."
Mona T., (aka MC groupie forever!), Steele ND 07/04

I enjoyed the "DO NORTH" JAM CAMP. I learned more than I can put into practice at this time. I don't know how you will top your performance in the Bemidji Park. It was one fantastic performance from start to end. Thanks. As for the Bass Class, you made it tough for me, now I will have to practice. Thanks! I really appreciate your time and attention in trying to educate me.
Jerry W., via email 07/04

I just had the pleasure of hearing Monroe Crossing for the first time. My daughter is a huge fan and shebroght me to a concert, and it was spectacular! They are the St. Olaf Choir of bluegrass! I bought all the CDs and can't wait to hear them live again.
Robbie L., Pensacola FL 07/04

Bluegrass is in my blood. I grew up 20 miles from Bean Blossom, Indiana where Bill Monroe held his annual festival. I learned to pick there, learned to appreciate the music there, and now that I am 800 miles north of there, I still love it. There is no "musical medium" better than bluegrass to get the toes tapping, good thoughts flowing, energizing the soul and mind, keeping family inter-action alive, and on, and on.I won't even try to mention all the good groups there out there, but you can't go wrong with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, III Thyme Out, Lonesome River Band, and Monroe Crossing for good bluegrass, and for good gospel.
dmiller as found on http://www.christianforums.com 07/04

You are the best we have ever heard!
Tommy & Terry S., Stuttgart AR 06/04

Very unique new fresh bluegrass sound.
Julian G., Greenbrier AR 06/04

You are one of our top favorites!
Brian & Celia P., St Cloud MN 06/04

You're our favorite bluegrass band. Being from Texas, we dont get enough of your music.
Jim & Bea N., Nisswa MN 06/04

I am really looking forward to receiving the ("On The Road") CD! I have to tell you a little story. I never liked Bluegrass music until we went to the Ozark Folk Center at Mountain View, Arkansas, and especially since we saw your performance. We also enjoyed afterward in the town listening to you play. I am a forever fan now!!!!
Lynne M., Hillsboro TX 06/04

I recently heard your recording of "A Child's Prayer," and thought it was beautiful. Do you sell the accompaniment performance track for that song? If so, I would like to purchase it. I sing in my local church and would like to sing that song. I really enjoy your music very much.
Eileen J., Weston WV 06/04

We remembered the cool vintage ties you Monroe Crossing guys wear and decided to give you one more. Your music is much appreciated and this seemed a good way to express our thanks. Best wishes.
Earl & Gayle M., Royalton MN 04/04

Great Concert.
Nan S., Crystal MN 03/04

You're the best!!
Jacque & Ron F., Plymouth MN 03/04

Kathy M., Merrill WI 03/04

Great music.
Ken & Kathy W., Rochester MN 03/04

Hey Band (Monroe Crossing members). I doubt you remember me, but I saw you perform at the Mpls V.A. ...thanks a bunch. I sure love your music & thanks for appearing at the V.A. Bless your hearts. I can tell you the old Vets (me included) really appreciated your performance. Peace...
Daniel W., St Paul MN 03/04

You are Great!! I enjoyed it a lot!!!
John W., Minneapolis MN 02/04

Wonderful Evening. I could have listened all night.
Herman R., Erhard MN 02/04

Great show!
Neil Z., Maquoketa IA 02/04

Great Energy.
Paul S., Stevens Point WI 02/04

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your concert at Augustana College last Sat. evening, a true blessing and a lot of fun. Plus, we got your "Then Sings My Soul" CD and have been blessed by listening to that several times already. We especially are impressed by your skillful and sensitive musicianship, both vocally and instrumentally, and the variety in the songs you perform. Maybe we'll get to hear you again. Thanks again, and God bless!
Don & Marilyn M., Bettendorf IA 02/04

I consider myself an experienced listener of live music and Monroe Crossing is without a doubt one of the best shows an individual can see with a wealth of talent and professional passion. It's not often you can see a band that sounds as good if not better in concert than they do on their fabulous CDs!
The Rose Man, Ely MN 02/04

Your concert at Montgomery last Saturday night was one of the best I have ever attended. Your musical selection, expression, energy and interpretation was superb. I enjoyed every minute of it. But what really set your performance apart was your honest and sincere connection with and respect for your audience. Your interaction with each other and the audience was so fresh and quick and yet was not condescending. It was clear that all of you not only like your music and each other but also enjoy and appreciate people in general. Your sincere interaction with audience members during the intermission was appreciated. It was so special that after the standing ovation at the end of your concert, you did not just give a perfunctory encore number but performed a number of request songs that you could not include during the regular program. This was an exceptional gesture to an appreciative audience that is all too rare among performing groups. I'm looking forward to hearing you again in southern Minnesota.
Denny T., Faribault MN 02/04

You're one of my favorites! Keep up the good work!
Phyllis W., Minneapolis MN 01/04

Excellent Performance.
Marilyn M., Waterville MN 01/04

Had a great time. Guess I'll go back and practice some more.
John H., Montgomery MN 01/04

Really enjoyed-keep on pickin'!
Nona K., St Cloud MN 12/03

You are awesome!
Jennifer M., Buffalo Lake MN 12/03

Great! Fun! Thanks.
Lisa I., Signal Hill CA 12/03

Our whole family loves your music. We heard you in Braham at Pie Day and your CD has not left our player since. My husband and I love the song "All My Life," and our three-year-old loves anything to dance to, so you guys are just right for her. Thank you for bringing this family together musically. We would like to receive your newsletter to keep up to when you are coming close to our area. Thanks again for sharing your talent with all of us!
Kendall, Blake & Abby O., Braham MN 12/03

Thanks to the entire group for an awe inspiring concert in Mantorville the other evening. The evening went way to fast--could have listened 'til dawn. Words cannot do justice to what your group has achieved--exquisite harmony, both instruments and vocal. Keep up the good work! Needless to say I'm now hooked on Monroe Crossing. Can't wait to hear you in concert again.
Steven J., Kasson MN 11/03

We've had your "Then Sings My Soul" CD on today and have enjoyed it so much as always. Your music gives us much pleasure in so many ways, we thought we'd send you all our wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving.
John & Carol G., Lonsdale,MN 11/03

I've had a great time listening to, talking with, and singing with you!!!
Shawn C., Hugo MN 11/03

I love your music!!!
Nicole H., Cottage Grove MN 10/03

Connie S., Staples MN 10/03

Super! Great!!
Jim B., Ely MN 10/03

Great Music!
Terri R., Grand Rapids MN 10/03

It was Awesome! Lisa, I love your voice & Mark, I love your energy!!
June S., Little Falls MN 10/03

Thanks for the great show. You have put together a wonderful band.
Amanda N., Bigfork MN 10/03

I heard you on KUMD today. A great show...I'd love to have you (play) up here.
Jeff, The Gun Flint Tavern, Grand Marais MN 10/03

I would like the band to know this testimony of how you affect people's lives. Since our daughter's wedding...my mom has truly started almost every day by doing her stretches to your CD, "Then Sings My Soul," while thanking God for giving her another day of life. Wow, who ever thought that Monroe Crossing would become such an intimate part of our family's lives! You're one of the best memories of our baby girls' wedding and now, each and every day, you are v i.p. in my dear mother's life. You guys really awoke something from deep within her roots that I wasn't even previously aware of! The investment I made to have you folks play for (our daughter's) wedding is still paying great dividends. So once again, I want to tell you "thank you!" We pray that the good music keeps flowing through your souls and spirit, fresh and new each day. Happy Trails.
Margo P., Ely MN 09/03

Carolyn P., Maplewood MN 09/03

Our family forgot to fill out a comment card at the Money Creek Junction Bluegrass Festival this past weekend...We thought Monroe Crossing really did a great job and liked the new act.
Milt & Kelly M., Eau Claire WI 09/03

...the introductory instrumental featurings (of "How Great Thou Art") are almost hauntingly addictive. The personalities of the band members comes through their instruments in a way that combines the essence of the gospel/bluegrass experience with a powerful and evocative vocal conclusion; likewise, "Amazing Grace" shows the blend of the voices in a harmony that is reminiscent (at least to me) of the Everly Brothers harmonies, and of course the message of the piece is to many almost spine tingling. Also,...the instrumental ("Swinging on the 'Pearly' Gates") is delightfully Irish in nature...it honors the heritage of this music genre.
Paul H., Pelican Rapids MN 09/03

Excellent!! Loved it.
Renee K., Rochester MN 09/03

A wonderful experience to have (at The Music Loft)!!
Sarah J., Rochester MN 09/03

Love it!
Andy & Mary S., LaCrosse WI 09/03

Judy M., CAPAC MI 08/03

Thanks for an awesome!! Jam Camp!!
Kaylie & Kaysie P., Byron MN 08/03

I am the wife of the reservist who was being deployed (to the Middle East) the following day. I wanted you to know how much hearing "I'll Fly Away" meant to us. It was a special part of my husband's last night home. Thanks to you, we have a wonderful memory. Thank you (Lisa) for taking a few moments to talk with me, and for making it happen. Please also thank the band for playing the song so beautifully. It meant so much to me, that I had to take a moment to look up the Monroe Crossing (web)site in the hopes of letting you know how grateful I am. What a blessing you are!
Becky, Waconia MN 08/03

It was good to see you the other day (at Phelps Mill). The band just keeps getting better and better!!!!
Lenore S., Bemidji MN 07/03

You are so great!
Rosie & Jack S., Sioux Falls SD 07/03

Gene S., Zumbrota MN 07/03

David M., Gwinner ND 07/03

Great Music!!
David & Betz G., Mound MN 07/03

Saw your performance in Brookings SD last weekend. As always, a wonderful job.
Carol S., Stewartville MN 07/03

Saw and heard you at the Phelps Mill Festival last weekend...I really can't tell you how much we enjoyed both shows on Saturday. That "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" was something else! Great show!
Jay G., Princeton MN 07/03

Hi. We saw your show in Alexandria this spring and are hooked. I have your schedule on my wall and plan to try and get to as many (concerts) as possible. You guys should be opening for Ricky Skaggs--your sound is wonderful. My husband wasn't sold on Bluegrass until he saw you live–now he is!!! Keep up the good music. Will your be selling your new CD when you are on tour also, or should I order it online?
Mary O., Cushing MN 07/03

Georgie W., Crystal MN 06/03

I just want to say how much I enjoyed your music. It is just the best. You are great. I was at Calvary (Lutheran Church of Golden Valley) yesterday. I saw in your schedule that I get that you were going to be there. I go to a different church but couldn't miss this. Anyway, I enjoyed it so much....Hope to get to one of your other performances this summer.
Emeline P., New Hope, MN 06/03

We were so happy to get to hear you at Minnehaha Park. We hadn't been able to get to any concerts during the winter. You all are so blessed with your talent and your music when you all are together. (Mark & Lisa), your babies are beautiful and great they come with you. Anyway, just a note of encouragement and gratitude today. God bless.
Nancy R., White Bear Lake MN 06/03

Ken M., Sioux Falls SD 05/03

Super Band.
Marvin C., Madison WI 04/03

Art D., Whitewater WI 04/03

Super sound. Excellent.
Ken R., Cambridge WI 04/03

Thank you so much for allowing me to send you this check for your gospel CD ("Then Sings My Soul"). I have been listening to it nonstop. Thank you also for an absolutely wonderful performance, and please give my thanks to the other members of Monroe Crossing as well.
Dena H., Alexandria MN 04/03

We were sure delighted and impressed by the performance (at the Grand Event Center in Northfield). It was absolutely wonderful. You guys are terrific. Your choreography fascinates me. Every one in the band is such a polished performer.
Lil T., Mankato MN 03/03

Last year was our first Oak Center General Store concert...you guys played and it was excellent. Then this winter we saw you there again, and again it was excellent. The next week we went to the Rhonda Vincent (concert) and again excellent. Also saw you the other on the noon news and I sure wish they would of let you guys play the whole last half of the show. I certainly will never get sick of listening to bluegrass. Thanks for the good shows.
Chris H., Rochester MN 02/03

You guys sure play some awesome Bluegrass!
Chris K., Eagle Bend MN 12/02

I love your work. Thanks.
Gloria P., Byron MN 11/02

Marilyn B., Rochester MN 11/02

I loved your performance!
Anneka R., Rochester MN 11/02

You guys are fabulous.
Anne L., Chatfield MN 11/02

You're awesome!
Sally Ann F., Arkansaw WI 11/02

Was incredibly nice for you to be at our wedding ceremony. What beautiful music you talented musicians play! You were a big part of my ‘perfect' day. What warm and friendly people you are. If ever you need more references, add us to your list of satisfied fans who would be willing to testify. Your music is a beautiful touch.
Dawn K. & David R., Ramsey MN 10/02

THANK-YOU for being such quality folks, bringing such excellent music to our daughters wedding celebration! For this we rejoice! I simply want to say that you guys have continued to 'minister' to Alan and I, even today as we drove back and forth to Virginia listening to "Across the Blue Mountains" and the gospel CD ("Then Sings My Soul") all the way. Thank-you for lovin' your music and your people. You guys have really gone the 'extra mile' for us. May our paths cross again, better sooner than later!
Margo & Al P., Ely MN 10/02

What fun! Love the connection in the group!
Kathy S., St Paul MN 09/02

Dear Monroe Crossing, just a note to compliment you folks on your very fine music and professionalism. I have enjoyed your bluegrass music many times and hope to many more. Not only is your music excellent but your five very different personalities compliment one another tremendously. Please keep up the good work and may I ask that if you have a mailing list, I would greatly appreciate being a part of it.
Keith K., Edina MN 08/02

My son is playing the CD we purchased...we so enjoyed listening to your terrific group. Our (Pennington County) fair has never had bluegrass. It would be a wonderful experience.
Harlan L., Thief River Falls MN 08/02

Enjoyed the music. It was a wonderful concert for a good cause. Hope you'll return again sometime–Thank You!
Violet M., Babbitt MN 08/02

On behalf of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, thank you so very much for your great contribution to our Sunday Service. It was a pleasure to work with you.
Mae F., Ulen MN 08/02

We just got back from our honeymoon...We wanted to let you and the rest of the band know how much your performances added to our special day. We just finished watching a video of the wedding and the "soundtrack" was excellent!
Brain & Laura B., New Orleans LA 07/02

I just took a minor road trip and listened to your Gospel CD ("Then Sings My Soul")... Hey, you guys are really tight! I love that CD.
Mike L., Brewster WA 07/02

I really was impressed with your performance in Princeton, MN. I bought your gospel CD and really enjoy listening and learning these songs--especially "A Child's Prayer." I was singing it over the phone to my sister Marlene....
Diane B., Milaca MN 07/02

Dear Monroe Crossing, My wife and I heard you folks for the first time last Sat. at the MBOTMA festival and you just blew us away. What slam-bang dynamics, musicianship, and choreography (is that the word?) at that single mike! The word "conspire" comes to mind--in the literal sense of "breathing together;" the whole band is like a single, complex instrument. Another word I think of is "musicality"--hard to define but I know it when I hear it. Anyway, what a show. Thank you.
Bruce T., Dresser WI 06/02

I just wanted to tell you that I love the new gospel CD ("Then Sings My Soul"). Love isn't even a strong enough word. The music is superb and uplifting...My husband and I saw your show in Alexandria, MN. It was truly a blessing to find you and your music. You, Lisa, sing like an angel. Please let me know how I can find the lyrics to these beautiful gospel songs. Thank you so much for your music and your time. God Bless.
Julie S., Osakis MN 06/02

Just a note to thank you for giving us a day in your lives for the performance at the Oak Center last night. Probably most of those in attendance came to the concert in the same frame of mind that we did. We were already busy up to here with holiday preparations and were kind of regretting having taken on yet another activity. As we approached the Oak Center these things started to fade. By the second song they were distant memories as we marveled at your skill and coordination and just enjoyed the music. By the end of the performance we'd shed a tear over the Donohue song and a couple others whose names and origins I don't remember. You really melded with the audience, and the mingling with us between and afterwards was a class act. We drove home uplifted, enabled, tired but renewed. This morning I was the only guy in choir. Folks commented at how mellow I sounded today. I just smiled. Enabled.
Bill B., Chatfield MN 12/01

Lisa, Mark, Art, Matt and Benji, thanks for the wonderfully warm and friendly personal welcome to the Greater Bluegrass Community in the Twin Cities that you gave me at the State Fair and which made the Laughing Waters Festival so much more fun! I wish you all the best! Be seeing you all around town!
Janet B., Twin Cities 09/01

You all are great! I’ve listened and played Bluegrass for 25 years–you’re the freshest sound I’ve heard in a long time!
Karen B., Rochester MN 09/01

(We) would like to thank you for playing at our wedding at Murphy’s Landing in June..... We had countless compliments on our choice of music for the reception... Monroe Crossing is made up of truly talented musicians who play flawlessly together. You play the kind of music I think of when someone says bluegrass....I also want to thank you for suggesting that we use your caller to teach square dances. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first, but it turned out to be awesome. He did a fantastic job with a bunch of people who hadn’t done a square dance since 5th grade....I can, without reservation, say that anyone looking for outstanding bluegrass music won’t be disappointed with Monroe Crossing.
Christopher & Melissa E., St Paul MN 08/01

Thank you for bringing Monroe Crossing here. They were like a breath of fresh air... By the tremendous applause and the standing ovations, it was obvious everyone found them a delight!! We were elated to hear that they’ve been invited back next year!!
Verna O., Grand Forks ND 08/01

The Bluegrass group Monroe Crossing was so good. Look forward to seeing them again next year.
Marlys F., Crookston MN 08/01

Lisa, as I already told other band members in person at (the MN Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Festival), I thought Monroe Crossing's Saturday night set there was awesome!
Randy G., Chaska MN 08/01

Thanks for the great tunes! I am a long-time bluegrass fan. I played with John Hartford for a couple of summers traveling the Mississippi on the Julie Belle Swain. Keep the faith and keep your hands on the plow!
Skip H., Charleston SC 08/01

I heard you at Dundee and enjoyed your group soooo much. Looking forward to your new CD!
Steve L., Dundee MN 07/01

Thanks for your wonderful performance.
Sara Xavier Decker, Harmony for Mayo Concert Series 12/00

Even though it was a very cold and blustery day, your wonderful music warmed our hearts and was enjoyed by all.
Neurosurgery Department, Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN 10/00